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haven't seen a bay forecast with this in it for a while
North winds all week. I guess old man summer is finally breathing his last gasp this week. Too bad, these temps have sure been good for business, but I am ready for the fall Red Fish run.

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Yep. Supposed to get down right cold. High tomorrow is only supposed to be 92.

It was, o-fish-ally, 108 yesterday (my truck registered 113) and it's down to 105 today. Haven't seen it this hot since my days in Oman.

Time to start shopping for a de-icer :eek:
"Fishing is an excuse to be on the water"
I am headed down to Port Aransas in an hour or two and will be fishing till friday evening.The finger mullet are starting to school up and are headed to the gulf.They call it a migration but I do not believe it.I think they are protien for the predator fish in the gulf.It nice and cool here in the hill country this morning 70 degrees and the humidity is very low.Life is Good!

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