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looks like the eye is going right over Miami
and Greg's house too. I have only had that happen once, and it was very strange. Everything completely stopped for about and hour and then it came out of the opposite direction.
We got the eye almost dead center from Wilma. It was calm for over an hour & a half. This one is still south & I believe west of us. Forecast track as best I can tell will have it coming over along the western shore of Lake Okeechobee or even west of that. Captain Dan may get as much of this one as I do.

Glad to see its more like a bad rain storm compaired to what you had last time Greg. Didnt want you to have to overwork that new chain saw. You may even get out fishing Firday at this rate.
this thing sure looks wet, but with only minor winds. Highest gust at MIA was 40.

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Only 1/4" of rain. Everthing was east and south of us about 20 miles. No wind. I sat outside with a blanket over my legs and watched the birds. Life is good. No sun today, total overcast. We had a nice sunset tho.

I wonder how Jesse made out, a short while back he said he needed rain. Ol Snake was well prepared but he had a good day, which is good. The TV and the weather channel made a big issue out of it. They gave it more coverage then they did Charlie when he blew through and wiped out 4 cities here. They must have had slow news day.

Yeah, Dan, the weather channel sure over-played this one. I had 2.7" of rain in the gauge about 5. It's still raining here, with more to come. I'll check in the morning before I go to w$#k. I expect it'll be at or near 4".

Not fishin' Friday, Randy..I'm takin' Riko out on Monday. He doesn't like to eat kingfish, but loves to catch 'em. We'll see if we can't get him hooked up.
He just turned 16 yesterday.

you need rain... we got it.. still coming down in buckets as the eye's west wall is bouncing off the beaches here at Sunset Beach, NC just north of Little River Inlet and the SC-NC border..a stone's throw away... hol-eeee crapola... looks like we've got 5- 7" already as a guess ... ditches in front of the house are full to the brim.. and coming up the front yard and driveway... glup..glup..glup..

[Image: IMG_3383-1ErnieLIVE083106.jpg]

Ray never turn down rain. It's the second best thing that ever happened to man. That storn should be past your place by now. The water will drain away.
At least you didn't run to Atlanta. You have become a brave man. Besides you wouldn't want to fight traffic for 300 miles. With no motel at the end of you drive.

Ray: And I thought we had big amphibians in Sofla! Man, that is one humungous frog in your yard..or is that a Yard Frog?

Latest exotic in Fl-- caine toad--- even gators cant eat it!!!!Big Grin

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