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It's been awhile since I loaded my reels (years). And after searching the 'net and visiting Academy and Bass Pro, I have a headache Big Grin

I need to load 2 casting rigs with Penn 6500SS, 2 trolling rods with Ambassadors and 4 bottom/trolling rods with Ambassadors. Already stripped the old stuff off. All are medium rigs.

What line do you guys use in the 20lb test range these days?
"Fishing is an excuse to be on the water"
I usually use Ande, blue, or clear. Triple Fish also works well for me.

I use Yozuri Hybrid smoke for leader, generally. I might even spool a whole reel with it occasionally, though it's a tad pricey. Fishing on a weekly basis, I change out my line every three or four months.

Momoi Hi-Catch, smoke blue for all but bottom
An alternative would be P-Line Original

Momoi Diamond Clear for bottom fishing it's more abrasion resistant than the Hi-Catch

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