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Stingray Hydrofoil for porpoising...
I'm looking for a way to fix the porpoising and swaying on my boat. I have trim tabs and I know how to use them but it isn't enough to fix the problem. Is this a waste of money?

[Image: 36543_lg.jpg]
Duff, I had those on my Wellcraft. If you want the bow to ride a little lower, they will do the trick. The other thing you can do is figure a way to get some more weight in the front. The only thing I didn't care for about them was it was hard to get the bow high enough when the weather got rough out there. It wasn't a real problem, because I was always pretty careful about the weather but we all know how fast those summer time storms can brew up out there.
The hydrofoils are OK in calm water. However, they do put a considerable strain on the Cavitation plate. Remember that you do have to drill holes in cast aluminum. I think that Monty's idea of a bit of addition weight in the bow, is a good one. This is on the advice of my service manager, with well over 50 years working on OBs and IOs. Just another bit of info. Always have your trim tabs in the bow up position when not needing to trim the boat. Some folks think that if they put the trim tabs in the bow down position when taking off, it will aide the time in getting on plane. All it does at that time is lift the stern and most likely will cause the lower unit to cavitate. You want the prop pushing you forward, not up at the stern.
In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made non Fishermen.
Give us a little more info. I never cared for the fins you show. In my opion all they were any good for was to give a little more hole shot.
Length, width, weight.

HP, weight, brand name

A picture, if you have it, of the boat setting in the water. If not ,on the trailer So we can see the stern and side.
That should give us a start,, ~~~ Dan
If you do decide to buy anything, Boater's World is going out of business. There are two locations in Palm Beach County. Their close-out sale may save you something.

It's a 22 Sea Fox center console Dan. I'd say the beam is about 8' and I'm not sure about the weight. Even with 113 gallons of fuel it seems like it isn't heavy enough. It tends to bounce around more than it should unless I have 8 people in the boat. Maybe it is the all composite materials and foam flotation... Maybe I am just used to that old heavy anacapri I had.

The Sea Fox is rated for 150HP max and I have a Johnzuki 140 on it. I've had 500 pounds of grown adults riding the bow of the boat and that helps, but I don't always have a couple fat friends readily available for weight balancing (any volunteers??) and there isn't much storage room to move anything to the front of the boat. The fishbox is in the front and when I can buy ice by the bushels that helps some. But also I'd like to get the chinewalking under control... I don't always go out when it is flat calm and the boat needs more stability in my opinion...

[Image: boat5.jpg]
Bat Breath and I volunteer, that covers the bow 500#
Are you telling us that Batbreath is now close to 300lbs?
In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made non Fishermen.
LOL right weight, probably wrong guy :mad: :mad:
I can't see the engine mounting in the pix, but is there any way to drop it one hole? Or is there a pin holding the engine out away from the transom that could be removed to tuck it in more. Generally, tucking the engine all the way down and/or lowering it will stop porpoising.

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