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uh oh
Capt. Dan, I'm glad to see you are doing better.Big Grin However, you better hold onto your hat! Here we go again! :eek:

[Image: NextStorm.gif]
Time's Fun When You're Having Flies!
I don't know about this storm but Fay was one all wet lady, she dripped heavy on lot's of people.
Jesse, what was the tolal amount of rain that fell on your place? Dan
I'm glad to see you up and around, Captain Dan.

We got about 8" - the pond is full again and the one million and one frogs are singing happily.

I had one fairly large dead water oak fall so the wood pile is now replenished.
Those horses should be belly deep in grass by now. What do you have in your pasture, bahia? This new storm is jumping right up to monster size in a heart beat. Here we go with the shutters again. We moved into this house 4 years ago. I have never had a house with storm shutters before. Counting Charlie we have had these damn things up 5 times, never really needed them.
Rolleyes Dan
Dan: This one (Gustav) seems to be taking a little bit of a left. Long range has it headin' New Orleans way about Tuesday. Of course, that's long range, so anybody between the Florida panhandle & the Texas coast needs to watch close. There are a couple more out there also, one seems to be likely to intensify, the other probably not.

You no doubt monitor these things as closely as I do, so I'm no doubt wasting bandwidth here.

Gee-- I guess you really dont want to hear about the gale warning that is keeping me from going fishing, now do you.......Big Grin
There is always one more bottle of BatJuice to be drunk, one more woman to admire, and one more fish to catch before you die! Smile
Bandwith or no, I'm alway's glad to see you jump in. You have been on the dirty end of these storms. I remember one time you ran out of gas for your generator and chain saws and had to go walking and hunting for gas. If I have it right in my mind the Canadian Power Co came to your rescue and cleared your long driveway. Dan
been watching this one closely. Zach and I are heading offshore for a quick trip on Saturday. It's supposed to be flat as a pancake out there with winds out of the north of all directions. I think we are gonna go due south and that gives me the option of running back into Freeport (closer port than Galveston) and running the ditch home if needed. The fishing is legendary before these storms come in and about a week after. I would rather go before because you don't have to dodge all the floating trees and such like you do after one hits.
I recall dodging roofs, decks, stairs, telephone poles and other odds and ends after Gloria off Oregon Inlet NC. The good thing was the seas were flat, like the beaches, after the storm. And yes, the fishing was good. Didn't seem to bother them critters one bit Wink

p.s. just looked at the latest forecasted track and looks like you might get some more cheap real estate in New Orleans
"Fishing is an excuse to be on the water"
If it does hit there, I guarantee this time, Houston won't be accepting any "refugees" from New Orleans, Dan. I think the best thing I ever saw offshore floating was a complete 20 by 20 roof off of a garage. The shingles still looked brand new. Talk about a fish haven.

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