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uh oh
#1 :eek:

If it's rain, even lot's of rain we'll take it. Wind, now that's a different story. Wind can stay out in the Gulf.:eek: Dan
I ain't gonna say "we need the rain"! No sir! I ain't gonna say it! :eek: Right Ray?!Big Grin
Time's Fun When You're Having Flies!
as you well know...never ever say that... looks like it's gonna hit right over s/w Fla... ugh:eek:

I never wish for it.. only my neighbor.. who I dubbed 'da rainman'.. we got almost 2" of rain one nite last week... he was out watering the next afternoon.. nutz...

you guys and your stinkin' rain.. you jinxed us up here.. storms all over the place just starting... getting slammed as I write... argggghhhhhhhh....
ba-da boooooom:mad:

[Image: 2xradarc5.gif]

Ray - we could use a little out here in Texas. Feel free to @#rt into the wind and send the system atwirl thisaway Wink

In all seriousness, prayers for the safety of all in this storm's path.
"Fishing is an excuse to be on the water"
I live on the west coast of FL. About 1/2 way between Sarasota and Ft Myers. North Port to be exact. We are what they call flat landers. We are 5' above sea level, about 4 miles inland. But there are canals that run to about 1/2 mile from the house. I have tried to hire someone to put up my storm shutters but everyone is as old as me or are taking care of their own. I had hernia surgery last week but I guess tomorrow I'll start putting up the ones on the biggest windows.
Another day in paradise.Rolleyes Dan
About 5 minutes after I posted the above message a guy called me and asked if I needed any help getting ready for the storm. I met him last Jan at the hospital. He had just retired from the navy as a Navy Seal and salvage diver. He wanted to learn to fly cast and fly fish. I gave him lessons for 4 months and took him fishing in his boat. I told him I didn't want a cent for the lessons and fishing skills. I insisted I owed him.The last 2 months we have been going out every 2 weeks and he has become one hell of a fisherman. He makes 100' cast all the time and I have him using a 5 gallon buchet for a target. He reads the water very well and can spot fish quick.
Well he's coming over tomorrow with his wife, daughter and son-in-law to put up the shutters.
By golly this world is full of nice people.
Alls that ends well Big Grin Dan
that's great to hear that you have some help with those shutters..

... oh...and enjoy the rainsBig Grin

Joe/GA Wrote:I ain't gonna say "we need the rain"! No sir! I ain't gonna say it! :eek: Right Ray?!Big Grin

I'll bet you're sitting by a window lovin' all that rain falling right about now... looks like you have a nice storm sitting right on top of you... enjoy...

if I get any more of this liquid crapola up this way I'll be glad to 'send' it along to Ga... Fla and Texas... you guys can have it...Big Grin :p


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