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hey PK
let me know if you want your old handle back. I found the switch to enable short handles.
JDN just doesn't sound the same.......

Nice work Mont.

Dan (aka JD)
gotcha covered! Welcome back JD
that would be great... if it was any other site I would say to heck with it.. but since this one goes back so far.. thanx much... just let me know what I have to do

damn it's GREEN.. e-hah..

done deal amigo.

Thank you Duff!
I understand you have a major birthday coming up real soon (like some others around here). When are you and the "real" PK coming down to do some Texas fishing? When BJ gets back from Virginia we might be able to get some time off in late September or early October.


p.s. Bring JohnB/NJ if'n you can make it down here....
JD...major 'birfday' oh.. you mean the big 5-oh.. heheheeee... Rolleyes

'boo-boo' back along with the pinched nerve seems to be the deciding factor on our traveling these days so I try to walk 'softlee on eggshells' and not overdo it..

....planning and trying to do a 30 day cruise in February as a belated 'birfday' present after we do back to back 10 day cruises in December.. and after we do a trip up to NY before Thanxgiving .. with hopefully a stopover on the way back in AC ..

haven't made the Buxton stopover on the last two trips back from NY .. just can't handle the heaver with the back going out as e-z as it does...

right now looks like 'Ernie-baby' is heading right at us coming up the coast.. so the word for today is 'duck'.. 'quack-quack'

[Image: AflacDuckCalabashducks-1.jpg]

Poseidon adventures Smile and judging by the rain the super yachts might be able to pick you up at the house.

If'n you ever do get down here you don't have to worry about heavers. It's either wading with light tackle or offshore work. And they do have piers. Last October I got into the big Drum at San Luis Pass. They chased a school of Menhaden in. The cast required was about 20 feet. Got tired of catching them. And unlike The Point, only 3 trucks on a mile of beach.

Might get back that way sometime in the next year. Been looking at property around Oriental and New Bern. The property taxes here are a killer. Only about 1/5 in NC.

Later and stay dry.......

[Image: JD-07-09-04-OS-Galveston.jpg]
those friggin' fat bastiges-ducks arrived and 'got gone'... plenty of rain down this way... looks like it's skirting the OBx and hitting on Norfolk-Richmond right now... cleanup suxxxxxxx... not really that much to do.. twigs.. leaves.. small branches... AND WE DO NOT NEED ANY MORE RAIN

Aflac rules! quackBig Grin


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