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Houston-- We have ignition!!
Reservations confirmed. BatBreath and Sherrie Carrie will be heading down to the Sunshine State for a short visit at the end of November.We arrive in Orlando in the PM of Nov. 25th. Harass the natives with stupid tourist questions ( Where does Mickey live? When is the next hurricane? ) for five days and then get out of town on the morning of Dec.2nd.

This gives us just 5 days to see EVERYTHING! :eek:

I am negotiating with the Warden for two days off to go fishing. Probably visit Mickey, Universal and the Space Center the other days Ps-- She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed wants to know where the best shopping is and where they take the Canuck buck at par!!!!!! Wink

I am open to suggestions --- more to come. Its gonna be a shock as Fl has about 1/2 the population of the whole of Canada!
Breath of the Bat: Please let me know as soon as you can the date(s) you can fish in Palm Beach County. If necessary, I will take time off work, so don't worry if it's a normal work day.

As far as shopping goes, I don't know the Orlando area that well, but I think there are a couple of outlet malls that have lower than normal prices. If your bride will be joining you on the trip to Palm Beach County, there are a couple of really nice malls here, one being not far from my place, the other being relatively close to the marina ehre the boat is docked. Spending money in the state of Florida is easy. Bring lots!

Orlando has an outlet mall, it's right next to the OUTDOOR WORLD (Bass Pro Shop wich is one of the largest hunting/fishing/camping/boating stores you will ever experience.
You couldn't go fishing with me, but you can go down and fish with those Florida guy's. You don't even know the names Big Grin Big Grin of the fish! Actually it sounds like a lot of fun and if I wasn't going to P.V.Smile Smile in the middle of November I would think about going too.
You are right-- dont even know how to pick them up without getting stuck!!

But I think I will have some good teachers!

Greg-- I will email you as soon as I get a chance..... its all rather sudden, you know! :p
Greg, I want in on the fishing trip. As soon as y'all firm the dates, let me know so I can book some plane tickets. The sooner, the better, else they are gonna bend me over for airfare into PBI

as for 'choppin' BB, the little area north of Deano is renowned for it. Forget the name, though. lol.
Will do, Monty. ~~Greg~~
Guys-- what I am thinking about is driving down to WPB in the afternoon ( weds or Thurs) -- have a nice relaxing dinner and stroll along the boardwalk ( you do have one dont you???) .Greg , can I lean on you for advice for a not-so- cockroach haven motel/hotel ?? Next morning out fishing, and return to Orlando that night. Is this doeable??
BB: What would that date be? I have three people from Michigan (Jags from this board) that will want to fish on Friday the 1st of December. If that is the same date you want, I can probably get them here a day earlier & take a day off w#@k. Lemme know if that is a firm date, or if you can hedge it a bit. I'll get to work on finding you a roach free motel within a reasonable drive of the marina.

Greg, looking at the posts, I would venture the fishing day to be that Thursday or Friday (or both, if possible!). Something close to your house where we can all stay would be great. I plan to fly into PBI a day or two before, and fly out Sunday morning on the redeye. I remember a place in Royal Palm Beach that was pretty good, but that was a while back. Lemme know, amigo.

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