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Urgent input required from the FL guys

I have a chance to get on one of those last minute deals. I know Florida is a big state but does anyone have any advice about the Orlando area this time of year? What is the driving time to the coast? Saltwater fishing in November any good?


Resort Information
Orange Lake Country Club ( #0670 )
Route 192W
8505 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway
Kissimmee, FL , 34747 , USA Phone: 407/239-0000

Search Results

At Orange Lake, you and your family will enjoy an incredible vacation experience in one of the resort's award-winning villas. The 1,250-acre resort has amenities that include eight pools, an 80-acre lake, water sports, court sports, seven restaurants, three pro shops, a theater, an Internet cafe, four championship golf courses, a 36-hole miniature golf course, daily activities, nightly entertainment, on-site ticket and transportation services, and a Disney Planning Center. Orange Lake is just four miles from Walt Disney World® and near all central Florida attractions. All Units are non-Smoking.
Orlando is a rough area, crime wise. Watch yourself, and lock everything. From there to the east coast is a couple of hours down the turnpike. The fishin' should be good in Nov. That's the start of the flounder run over here and some of the nicest offshore fishin' there is.
Bry: Fishing offshore due east of Orlando I know not much about except that it would be a considerably longer haul out to the fishing grounds than it is from further south.

The drive from Orlando down to Palm Beach County is about 2 1/2 hours. If you are interested in fishing with me on the Mad Son for snapper, let me know the date(s) & I'll set it up.

Another option would be to hook up with Johnny or one of the other guys in Fort Pierce, which is about halfway between here & Orlando.

I'll e-mail you my phone numbers if you want to talk about it.

Got the email Greg-- one coming in return......

Sad news is that it will be most likely the period Jan. to end of March now as a family situation has complicated things Sad --- But, yes, by all means keep the info coming--

And Mont-- appreciate the advice-- us northern boys could be easy pickins :p
The mullet run in on now. Sorry you have to postpone your trip. The fishing is good all year here but better fall and spring. If your headed this way let me know. I'll hop on with you and Snake or I'll give you the Indian River tour for some snook, reds and trout. Fort Pierce is a hour and half from Orlando. Orlando's not that bad I lived there for 12 years and only got arrested once.Big Grin
You can see a little of the action at

The first week I was there went to Home Depot came out after 20 minutes and there was a wire hanging under my Blazer.

Yep, spare tire was gone. :eek:
Johnny-- many thanks for the invite. I will keep in touch with you and Greg and if the gods smile-- it will all come together in Jan or Feb.

And George-- thats not too bad-- they at least left the tires!!!!Big Grin
Bryan, y'all keep me in the loop for the fishing trip too. I can always find a good excuse to fly over there and fish with y'all.
Done!! Sounds great Mont.
Bryan Sorry for the late reply, but I just got on the puter. Orlando is 2 hour from the west coast (Tampa), and 2 hours from West Palm, 4 hours to Miami. Jan thru March is the prime sailfish time from West Palm thru Islamorada. Kingfish are also thick during that time. Bad news is that you must time your trips offshore with the Canadian fromts blowing thru. It's no fun in a small boat in 6'-10' seas. I thnk Deano has his new boat and it would be an excellent platform to get a spindlebeak, or I could even trailer over.

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