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101 degrees here today and trouble brewing in the Gulf
Jack, we have a couple of things going for us with Dean. If it does cross the Yucatan as predicted, that's going to take a lot of the punch out of it. The other thing is Erin took a lot of energy out of the Gulf and it's not going to have much time to recover. Regardless, it's in the "slot" that usually comes this way and I am going to go ahead and prep the RV by filling it up with gas and water this weekend. I am going to a rally for my BD in Sept. anyways, so it will get used then, if not sooner. I would expect to see gas prices go up again. They pulled all non essential workers off the production platforms on Tuesday and they will do the same thing once Dean gets to the Gulf, if it makes it that far. Plus, the port of Houston is being affected and close to 40% of the national petro stuff comes through there.

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