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just checking in
just wanted to check-in and tell all my GG friends to be well and to stay safe.. an extraordinary time to live thru for all of us... until they come up with a vaccine this Corona-Virus will most likely be with us for at least a year the way I see it.. too widespread.. it has of course affected the way we go about our lives-- especially for all of us 'older than dirt' .. for us our favorite pastime in retirement is traveling the world cruising-- which of course has taken a major hit and could be the end of the industry as we know it.. all that aside.. again be safe and be aware of your surroundings.. stay well

Putting a crimp in your cruising lifestyle, but hand in there and be safe
a lil' bit more than a crimp.. hahahaha..  one must adapt...   gotta find more of  'nuttin' to do these days..  fishing in the salt around here is like watching paint dry.. suxxxx

you do the same hanging in there .. stay well.. be safe..  Smile

Here on Tiki Island all is cool. Biggest problem is shortages of necessities (read TP - case due from Costco Wednesday). Went out this morning and came home empty. Store shelves are bare, no joke. Long lines waiting to get in as they are limiting the number allowed in the stores at one time. But Costco ships which is great. Ditto with Amazon. The crowds over on Galveston will thin out as everything is closed. The city council is probably going to close the beaches next week

Trout should be here soon. They are catching Reds in our canals although I haven't had the urge to chase them yet.

No cruise ships in port here Ray. That's a big loss to the city of Galveston.

Take care all.
"Fishing is an excuse to be on the water"

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