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91L is here
It's off to an early start this year.

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#3 My beach cam personal weather station
Looks like you guys are getting this one. Way to early for this sh$t  Big Grin So far all rain we have gotten is 1/4" Hopefully we will get more over night.
Life is good!
We ended up with about 3" of rain, but it came down fast and hard.  I got tagged for $250 to make the septic system work yesterday, which is money well spent if you have ever dealt with a female that has to hold it.  I got a $22 part today from Amazon that will speed up cleaning it out regularly and a real auger if it stops up again.  The tool was $500 and some change and the first time I use it, it will be worth twice that.  

It's looking good for our Campground Picnic Saturday and Faith is enroute via Air Canada on her way home.

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We got 6" out of this one. The winds kicked up to 45 driving the water in and almost over the docks.
"Fishing is an excuse to be on the water"

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