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Vacation this year.
Several years ago, a couple college friends and I got together and decided we all wanted to do a European vacation.  Well it finally came together and 4 of us with our wives took off and we all landed in Passau, Germany to start a Danube River cruise on Viking.  I will say, in spite of some minor problems that I'll get to, it was an outstanding vacation and cruise.  We visited Passau, Germany, Linz,Melk Krems  and Vienna Austria, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, and Budapest, Hungary.  One can visit and see only so many castles and churches, but each one was beautiful and some dated back to some earlier centuries. I think the most impressive site we saw was arriving in Budapest at night with the many buildings, especially the Hungarian Parliament building with it's 365 spires, all the bridges and building on both sides of the river lit up. [Image: 60311621_10215722416110685_7552065936878...e=5D536AD4]

When we arrived, Pam had checked her luggage with all her meds.  We were sitting around on the "Sun Deck" when she had a seizure.  When she checked her luggage, she had no access to the meds and missed 2 doses of her anti-seizure meds. She has a history of seizures and I knew exactly what was happening.  Anyway, the crew called an ambulance and off we went to the local hospital. The put her in a room and took me into an office where the clerk insisted I "must pay."  I gave her my credit card and she rang it up for 1000 Euros ( $1129.00) and then let me see my wife.  They wanted to keep her there for the night, but by the time I got to her room, she had recovered (normal) and I told the staff we were returning to the ship and had them call me a cab.  We were not off the boat for more than 1 hour.  I returned to the hospital the next morning and received an itemized bill, 114.02 Euros with instructions on who to email and what information to supply to get the balance back.  I did this 10 days ago, but it still has not been refunded so today I called the credit card company and initiated a protest of the 1000 Euros.  I've also made a claim to the Travel Insurance company for the 114.02 Euros

Then  we had the weather problem.  It was 40* - 50* the entire time we were there and rained every day but one. Sad .  We had raincoats and still enjoyed the tours, except one.  That day, it was raining 40* and blowing 40 MPH.  We did not leave the boat, but could see the castle we were to visit from the boat.

The last day, the weather finally broke and Pam decided we were going to go it alone, no help from a guide and we were going to visit the Hungarian Parliament building.  We departed the hotel where we were staying during our 3 day cruise extension and too the subway, but took the wrong subway and got lost.  With some help from the locals, we got straightened out and finally made to to the right subway stop.  Wee took  the  tour  off this amazing building which also includes a viewing of the kings crown which dates to the year 1000.  Could not even photograph this.  We got on the correct subway going back to the hotel, but upon exiting, turned the wrong way and walked 2 blocks away from the hotel before realizing our mistake and turning around.  Part of the excitement and trip.  It was fun.

And we had a scooter problem.  I purchased an electric scooter for Pam to get around on the various tours we were taking.  Out first flight was from Tampa to Chicago.  When they brought the scooter to the plane door in Chicago, one of the handles was broken.  She could still use the scooter with the handle on the other side, so, no big deal and she did use it on several tours.  But, when we tried to fly it home, the Lufthansa agent in Budapest would not let the 417 Amp Hour battery on the airplane.  Their limit is 300.  even though we flew Lufthansa to Germany, he insisted the battery was not going back to the US on the plane stating Lufthansa min Chicago made a mistake.  I gave him the battery and he promised to mail it to me.  It has not shown up yet!    But, United is handling the damage claim for the broken handle and they have been very responsive.

Bottom line, it was a wonderful vacation and reunion with friends in spite of minor problems
Faith has been in Greece for two weeks and was complaining about renting a car and the three hours it took. Glad y'all made it back home, Jack.
Big Grin 
[attachment=2126 Wrote:Mont pid='15466' dateline='1559593731']Faith has been in Greece for two weeks and was complaining about renting a car and the three hours it took.  Glad y'all made it back home, Jack.
Jack,  my nephew just got back from a river cruise with Viking I think he started in Amsterdam and went to Germany. He said the food was amazing everything from Vikings was first class.Glad to here pam is better.

Mont. my sister just return from island hoping in Greece. She really enjoyed it.

Dar and I went to Islamorada Fl  last week and I hooked this Tarpon that I fought for about an hour and fifteen minutes and cover about 2 1/2 miles before he broke off.  He was crafty sob. Big Grin  We did eat some really good seafood down there and my gut is showing it, Smile

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Life is good!
Finally got the refund from the hospital for the excess they charged my credit card Smile

Bridge fishing in Islamorada, or any of the Keys for that matter is fun and almost always an automaticc hookup, but one just hopes they run away from the bridge which your apparently did. If they go thru, you follow and hope you pick the correct hole Smile After the first several jumps, you got the best of the poon and the rest is just work. At my age and experience, I prefer the babys, under 40 pounds, that jump a lot, but you can whip in 15 minutes.
glad Pam is okay...and that you had a great vacation and cruise.. ain't traveling in Europe fun... Smile Smile

we just got back from a New England-Canada 28 day cruise... a lil' brrrrr up that way this time of the year.. plenty of lobster though!

As usual, I get lost for a while. Glad you and Pam survived Europe and had a good time.
Time's Fun When You're Having Flies!

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