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Annual trip with Capt Bouncer Smith
Bob , Gary, Tom and I departed the Tampa area on 4/16, traveling to Miami for our annual fishing trip with legendary Capt. Bouncer Smith. This is, I believe the 10th or 11th year we have made this pilgrimage. After a little confusion upon arriving (I had made reservations at a motel down the street from the one we usually stay) we visited two of the largest tackle stores in Miami, Capt. Harry’s and Crook & Crook, both well worth a visit if you have never been there. We then proceeded to dinner at Havana Harry’s. If you like Cuban food and are ever in Miami, this is one of the BEST, yet unsung Cuban restaurants in South Florida. Returning to the motel, we retired for the evening. Bright and early we met for breakfast and then drove to Miami Beach Marina where we met Bouncer and his long time mate Abie. We took off in Bouncer’s Dusky, a 33′ Dusky center console, out Government CUT and into 15 MPH winds which produced a short 2-3′ chop. In spite of the short chop, it was a comfortable ride. The day before, Bouncer’s clients had caught 8 sailfish, a 50-60# wahoo and 2 dolphin along with several non-edible fish and we were expecting to continue this hot streak. But, alas, it was not to be. Undecided Bob was up first and caught a 15# blackfin tuna, not exactly a sail, but good eating. Second up was Tom, who did catch a sail. Gary was third up and put another blackfin in the box. Finally it was my turn and I managed a bonito. Tongue We all agreed that the bonito did not count as a fish or turn, so I reeled in the next fish, also a bonito. Tom caught the next fish, another tuna. I managed the next fish, a blackfin that broke me off   I then reeled in a barracuda, and a grand finally to end the day, a double header with Gary and myself, both of us reeling in some BIG Jack Cravelles. Though we were hoping for a lot more sailfish, and maybe a dolphin or three, the blackfin tuna steaks will make a fine substitute. After returning to the motel and showering, we went to dinner at 94th Aero Squadron and had a fine Prime Rib dinner Gary elected a Crab Luis Salad instead, stating he had had the Prime Rib for several years before and could not finish it. He did not finish his salad either. Thursday morning we finished breakfast and drove home.
[Image: sail.jpg]
Tom's sailfish, his second

For those interested, Bouncer has a book being published in May depicting his many memories of his illustrious career

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