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hay you still have one of these
from the early-mid '90's Outer Banks, NC it was the 'world of Mo' Smile Smile still have the t-shirt.. it was buried in the deep dark corners of the closet so decided to pose for a Mo-photoshoot a lil' while ago-- what the heckBig Grin Big Grin

looks like the Mo Board is still going.. first time I've checked it out in ages

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Hey Ray - just noticed this one here and thought it was the one I responded to on Fish Mojo.......senior moment ;-) Yep, still have the t-shirt.

The only board that's still active is the Porta-Potty. We almost banned Jim-the-Pinko over there but I suggested that we give him his own board. That's when Mo came up with the Porta-Potty. J-the-P is explaining himself to his maker these days but the board lives on.

Al (Mackerel Snapper) eventually took it over and I had talked with him just a week before I learned he passed away also.

If you really want to see a dead board, go to Red Drum Tackle. Hatteras Outfitters disappeared after Trey canned the business and took off with the money from rod orders. There are some that would filet him if they ever catch him :eek:

Ah yes, the good old days.
"Fishing is an excuse to be on the water"

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