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Whats next?
Hurricanes one after the other in the Atlantic and Gulf, nasty tornados from Texas to Canada, no rain for months in BC leading to largest firestorm on record EVER, Texas getting hit with major flooding, California burning with devastating effects from SoCal to NoCal with HUGH numbers of homes and businesses destroyed, The deaths are still being tallied Sad Wa and Or have not been missed either by the go ahead and tell me that climate change is FAKE! Our grandkids will pay the price in future years for our unwillingness to address the issue.
There is always one more bottle of BatJuice to be drunk, one more woman to admire, and one more fish to catch before you die! Smile
and the UK-- with a target on Ireland --is about to get hit with Hurricame Ophelia that was bouncing around in the Atlantic this past week.. just got a couple of emails from friends over in the UK .. some crazy crapola going on..
I've got a friend who was visiting Ireland this last week. He just posted that he and his wife will be camping in the airport, as it's been shut down for the storm
I got run off the beach today by smoke from a fire that was intentionally set to burn off grass 40 miles down coast. It was so bad, air traffic in Galveston was running down the beach to find the airport (mostly chopper traffic). I don't know about climate change, but when fall finally finds us, it will be welcome. The guys doing the burn had planned on north winds (blowing off coast) and it turned 90 degrees blowing it right up the beach.

On another topic, it looks like the Astros are about 9 outs from being out of the World Series. The Brooklyn boys are kicking our asses.
And there is a Typhoon so strong that after it could cause up to $35 billion in damage in Japan, it is headed towards the US and will affect the entire country from Alaska down. It is expected to throw off the entire jet stream. Wild weather for sure:

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