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Harvey in Rockport
We have been working from dawn to dusk rebuilding our home.We have a 7 pm curfew or we would work later. There were five of us working on it, but now we are down to three.Three of us are hippy carpenters and two labors. Lots of damage to my place, but I am one of the lucky ones.My house is livable, but I lost my detached garage to a cotton wood tree We now have electricity, water, phone service and internet, spotty ,but it works.The town of Rockport that we live in looks like a war zone. Forty percent of the full time families are homeless. I do not think there is a house that does not have some type of damage. People have brought in bags of clothes and put them in parking lots and town people are going there just to find something to wear.People are living in tents and there cars.They have free bbq everywhere to eat ( I have eaten some of the best bbq ever)with water and supplies. One company has come to town and they sharpen chain saw blades for free.I had to use them a few times.I need to find a new site so I can post pictures if y'all have one please let me know. The good news we came to Fort Worth yesterday waiting for our first grandson that will be here any day now. Life is good!

Life is good!
wow.. first off glad you guys are okay.. that is lots of work .. sorry to hear that about Rockport .. hope you guys get all the help you need..

Google Photos which is now probably the biggest online FREE photo site since Google revamped it.. if you have an Android phone Google Photos will Sync with it using the Mobile app or not-- your choice.. seems to be the best one out there .. I use it as another backup for my cell pics .. not sure if they are on Apple also will backup up PC pics put into albums etc

one of the older ones around is Flickr e-z upload into albums etc .. it's by Yahoo who was just bought out by Verizon.. I checked my site.. all is okay even though I don't use it much anymore having gone to SmugMug ( paid service $ 60 bucks a year) .. Flickr also has a mobile app

as for the old Photobucket.. beware--- they will NOT let you link any pics anymore like they used to -- they charge BIG $$$ to link pics -- stay away
Rusty - good to hear from you. Knew Rockport took a direct hit and glad to hear your okay. Was praying your place was not totally destroyed but sorry to hear about the damage you had.

Take care and God bless.
"Fishing is an excuse to be on the water"

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