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This is NOT good
And the news just keeps getting worst........Prayers all round.
There is always one more bottle of BatJuice to be drunk, one more woman to admire, and one more fish to catch before you die! Smile
Todays Noon track shows it moving further West. Not far enough away not to avoid some rain and wind, but enough to make me feel a little better. South Florida is going to be hit hard. Prayers.
In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made non Fishermen.
I got family in Springhill and Dunnellon in Florida and Kingsland and Waycross in Georgia and they all made out OK, so far. My daughter in Dunnellon is the only one with power. It sure could have been a lot worse.
Time's Fun When You're Having Flies!
I heard from Greg this morning. Power is back on at his house, the Mad Son made it through just fine and he's planning on heading home Thursday. They don't have power where here's staying in GA but he said it was cool there and not too bad.

I wish all you guys impacted by this the best. The last 6 trash cans full of flood stuff got picked up yesterday. We still haven't had any sort of debris removal. It's a 4 million dollar contract for our city alone. The trash guys have been great about picking up anything neatly put in trash cans. I have been putting 5 cans out twice a week and they took it all.

If there's anything I can do to help anyone, holler. We also just got our UPS and FEDEX delivery back. Houston was a big hub for both of them, but they got it sorted out and back on track. Unbelievably, the USPS has been the best delivery so far. A lot of FEDEX and UPS stuff got transferred to them and they even delivered on Labor Day. I get nearly everything on the internet these days. It's cheaper, better and easier for me than dealing with these big box places where you have to walk 2 miles to buy anything and check yourself out too.

And for you own sake, everyone please go slow and don't stress. Mom wound up in ER yesterday with "heart problems" and it turned out to be stress from dealing with this mess. They didn't keep her, and she went back home, but it's just not worth getting all wound up over. One step, one day at a time will get it done.
glad you guys in Florida are doing a-okay.. e-z does it on the cleanup.. not as young as we used to be.. don't overdo it .. stay well .. and safe Smile

Well I bailed to my son's home in Jupiter on Saturday when the cone of uncertainty left the east coast and came directly over New Port Richey. We had some severe winds over there but he never lost power.

Returned home on Tuesday to no power, limbs down and 2 broken fence rails, no damage to the home or boats. Got the Generator running and connected to everyting but AC and pool pump & heater. Went to my ofice to turn computer on and smelled smoke, no power to the computer. Checked plug and found surge protector had melted into my carpet under the desk. Quick trip to Loews and a new surge protector, but by the time I returned home, power had bee restored. Unconnected the generator, connected the new surge protector and everything is fine. I spent the last several days picking up branches and twig, and spanish moss in the 90* heat. I'm definately getting too old for this shit. I've got about 2 more wheelbarrow loads to finish.
Glad you got thru ok, Jack. It is definitely a PITA, and y'all are right, we are getting too old for this stuff. As best I can figure, almost all the guys on this board were affected by these past 2 storms. Who woulda thunk it?

Bryan wasn't affected, but who want's to put up with Canadian winters :eek:
Yeah, I'd call an occasional hurricane a fair trade.:p ~~Greg~~
Now lemme see-- A hurry-cane every 5-10 years, or a big earthquake every 350 years . Or 90+ weather that keeps Mont busy and lots of sticky people all over the place, OR a bunch of good folks here on the west coast imitating Gene Kelly in "Singing in the Rain" !!!

Not really a hard choice ! Rolleyes
There is always one more bottle of BatJuice to be drunk, one more woman to admire, and one more fish to catch before you die! Smile

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