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Anybody need some skeeters?
Made the mistake of taking the trailer back over to the marina today. Trailers are parked out in the grass. Good grief!

Fortunately not too bad here on the island but I'm not going to mow the grass for awhile Big Grin

Had a stray cat on the deck this morning. Climbed the stairs and hopped the gate. Haven't found any newborn kittens yet :eek: All we need is another half dozen kitties.

The fishing is also going to be crappy for awhile - until the sediment settles:

[Image: harvey_tmo_2017243.jpg]

Have a great Labor Day all. Send fishing reports!
"Fishing is an excuse to be on the water"
another reason I like it dry..
I was down at my place on the beach yesterday morning and there was literally a cloud of them around me until I could get some OFF on me. I honestly haven't ever seen them like that down there. I flipped on the a/c and dehumidifier in the RV and headed back home after cleaning up a bit outside.

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