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Mont - Dickinson Bayou?
How's your dad making out? I see the Coast Guard chopper and police boats are working the bayou.
"Fishing is an excuse to be on the water"
I understand, from another board, that Mont may have had some water incursion into the house. Not confirmed. He's probably been too busy for an update.

A prayer or two for those that have been hit hard would be a good idea. Especially Rockport and Rusty.

Really a mess around here from the flooding. I listened to the marine radio this morning and the numerous Coast Guard rescue choppers and sea craft efforts. One was a request to air evac a nursing home compliment of 30 patients, 2 heart attacks elsewhere, roof top extractions, and so on. Interesting to hear the radio operator first give coordinates in dd.mmxxx, repeat and then have to provide coordinates in Not sure why but they did.

There was a big effort around Dickinson to evac rescuees deposited on I45 at Dickinson Bayou. I45 was closed due to high water and rescue operations there. Folks on the south side of Tiki Island have some damage but largely stuff that's non-essential - docks, etc.

The ports of Houston, Texas City and Galveston remain closed.

The reports from Rockport, other than Rusty's, are that there is a civilian effort (not the local gov or feds) to get heavy equipment and generators into the city.
"Fishing is an excuse to be on the water"
We got some that came through the weep holes in the bricks and near the doors. I shop vac'd it up and did the rest with towels. 33" on the ground with 25" more predicted. It fried our septic pump, so I swapped it out with my spare during the deluge. I think Mother Nature is po'd right now. Our normal yearly rain is 48" for the whole year.
P.O.'d indeed. There may well be more damage done by this thing than by Katrina. I hope things don't get any worse for you, Monty. ~~Greg~~
glad you guys are okay..stay safe.. we got one coming at us up the coast right now.. stationary off Georgia coast
Hope TD 10 stays weak and offshore Ray. And not quite as much rain.
"Fishing is an excuse to be on the water"
JD Wrote:Hope TD 10 stays weak and offshore Ray. And not quite as much rain.

it did.. went thru here 2 days ago.. stayed mainly offshore about 30 miles out.. no wind at all.. it did rain in the overnite.. got less than 1" .. was supposed to get 5"+ with 40+ winds .. running off the northeast coast now and heading out to sea.. good riddance.. thanx..

hope you are doing well after Harvey .. stay safe
God Bless Texas!
Time's Fun When You're Having Flies!
I talked to my brother yesterday (lives next door to my Dad) and he says there's 6'' of fresh mud deposited everywhere the water went. They still can't get to the boats because of it. There is a big storage place right on the freeway where Dan is talking about that got hit. The pile of wet stuff out front of it would fill two river barges. I have never seen anything like it. We are supposed to get our first round of trash service today here. If so, it's gonna help out because that pile out front of my house is getting bigger by the day. I found another pickup truck load of wet stuff out in my shop today. It's drying out for a while until I try to move it. I have learned my lesson about carrying this heavy stuff. I dropped a ramp Saturday and broke my very left toe.

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