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Fishing report, 11/25/14
Woke up at 4:45. left the house at 5:00. met friends at the boat ramp at 6:00. Ran out to catch some bait, then a 87 mile run to the Middle Grounds. Stopped a little short on a wreck where we caught out of season ARS ad AJ's. Tired of catching out of season fish, we went 8 more miles where we caught a LOT of mangrove snapper, lane snapper and porgy's. Still looking for grouper we went another 2 miles and caught more Mangos, Lanes and porgys before heading in at 2:30, arriving back at the ramp at 6:00 pm.I did catch 2 gag grouper, which were an inch or 2 short and had to be released, and several short red grouper were also released. LONG but fun day on the water with friends. Got home and ate more turkey than I did yesterday
Damn, that long of a run is like fishing around here on Claypile. It must have been pretty flat or else you had a big boat to get on top of it. Sounds like a good day to me. I am still grounded off mine, but my stitches come out in the morning, so it's getting closer.
That's a long haul Jack. Glad you got some fish. I decided not to fight the wind, tide and crowd and burn gas for a 2 flounder limit. Limit goes to 5 this Thursday and we might have a weather window Thursday.

Mont - was that the new knee?
"Fishing is an excuse to be on the water"
You best go early on Thursday if'n you go, JD. Stacy just did 16 days in the hospital and on day 13, I got a tiny hole in my arm that just about cost me the whole thing. It blew up like a fight between in laws on New Year's Eve. I had emergency surgery on the 17th and got my bride back home on the 18th. My stitches came out yesterday. I am on leave from work until I get back on top of things. If my boat is still floating, it's a good thing. I haven't even seen it this month. We need to go chase some fish after the first of the year. I may be joining you retarded guys soon.

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