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Finally a good fishing window
Looks good next Tuesday 6-28 thru Friday 7/1. Good tide times, clear and south winds at 5-10. Sooooo, will spend the weekend prepping for the jetties and near shore wrecks........finally Smile The bay fishing has been terrible but the crabs plentiful.
"Fishing is an excuse to be on the water"
Good luck, Dan. Watch out for this heat. It will sneak up on ya.
I heard you were taking next week off. I have room for 1 more Wink

We'll play it by ear. Just have to rig the boat and tackle for serious fishing.......unless Charlie caught them all already. He's been hades on wheels at the jetties. BJ and I would go out early and be back before the serious heat sets in. And, it could all change in a heartbeat by then.

We did survive the heat until Jim got here to fix the A/C Monday. Was the capacitor for the compressor.
"Fishing is an excuse to be on the water"
The heat is the very thing that takes out those capacitors.

It's gonna be at least a month, maybe two, before I get back on the water. The new hip went well, but it was completely fused into the socket when he started and I am pretty sure he used a hammer to get it out. I am up to about 50 feet at a time with a walker now. The surgeon said he had never seen one that bad that hadn't broken and is going to use the video for training other doctors.
You'll be famous in medical history........and tell them you want the movie rights Smile

That big window next week has shrunk to one day. Monday. Gotta be ready to go without expectations from the weather folks. So I hauled in gas yesterday and just need bait and ice. My neighbor up the canal got 8. Haven't heard a report from Charlie about yesterday.
"Fishing is an excuse to be on the water"
Oh man, hauling gas brings back memories of the old Wellcraft. I always had to top it off by hand when I ran out of the bayou from Dad's house. Harborwalk sells gas and since you are off these days, it should be easy enough to catch them open.

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