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gettin' close to rally time
It's been a couple of good weekends lately. Spent Father's day offshore with my dad, bro and kiddo. We left on Thursday and overnighted on the Claypile and came home on Friday. Full limits and sore arms.

Stacy worked her last day today at the bank, she is ofishially retired.

Friday morning, at 5 AM, we leave for the wet and wild rally outside of Dallas for 3 days of fun, riding and the lake. No kids, just me and my bride and maybe my deer lease partner riding in on his bike. Stacy had a custom paint job done on the Rune for Mother's day and I put enough bling on my 'wing, it's just about as sick. I don't expect to see a woman wearing a bra for at least 4 days. Life is good.
have fun fun funBig Grin

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Hey Monty. Now that Stacy is retired, she can hang with me and PK.
In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made non Fishermen.
Lake Tawakoni is a destination for north Texas bikers. We often run the Miata out the back roads to Tawakoni and around it. Lots of bikes.

You can tell what the best bars and restaurants are by the bikes parked out front. And I don't think bras are permitted in East Tawakoni Big Grin

p.s. The lakes are full up here thanks to the dozen and a half inches of rain in the past 10 days.......bring your skeeter repellent
"Fishing is an excuse to be on the water"
I keep on telling you guys.. NEVER ever wish for rain.. you just might get way way way too much..:eek: Cool
Ummmmm, it's raining again Ray K. And there's a tropical wave forming in the Gulf that may make it wetter next week. Perhaps Mont should consider Oklahoma for his bike rally:

[Image: hawg_riders.jpg]
"Fishing is an excuse to be on the water"
I ain't scared. Let it rain. The bikes are loaded, the RV is ready and come 5:30, we are going to head north to Yankee Texas. lol! We only got 6 inches at the last rally in South Padre Island. That's about half their yearly total.
Yankee Texas?????? Wash your mouth out Mont Wink You and Stacy have a safe trip and enjoy.

You know where we be......
"Fishing is an excuse to be on the water"
JD Wrote:[B][I]You and Stacy have a safe trip and enjoy.

You know where we be......
Let me echo the above...have a great time Monty! I hate to say it, because PK is right about asking for rain, but send us your extra rain! We've been getting a little here, but we need 2 small tropical storms to get the water tables back up. They're even limiting lawn watering for folks like me that have our own wells! :eek:
Time's Fun When You're Having Flies!
Stacy picked up 2nd place in the bike contest. Life is good. Get on Snakeman's email list if'n you wanna see a little more. Or a lot more, lol.
Or more than you may want to see Wink Oh hell, just get on the list, you can always hit delete. Smile

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