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Cold fishing
Went to a board of directors meeting of my fishing club last night, looking for a partner to go this morning. Got a lot of excuses but no volunteers, so I decided I was going to the local pier instead of taking the boat out solo. It was 45* when I walked out the door at 7:30 and got to the pier 30 minutes later. Within an hour, I had caught 2 permit, both on a Nekid Ball Jig. I get them for free as I tie the flies for the owner of the company and had numerous people asking what I was using. It's like crack, and gave the first one to anyone who asked, for free. Anyway, after an hour of nothing else hitting, (tide had slowed) I gave up. Walked back to the truck and it would not start. Was turning over, plenty of battery, but no crank. Called AAA and they appeared 30 minutes later for a tow to the Ford dealer. Got there at 11:15 and they drove me home. Called at 4:30 and htey had not even looked at the truck today. Anyway, fresh permit for dinner
[Image: permit%201-19-16_zpsv18u2ggr.jpg]
Nice catch Jack. Looks like your buddies lures work just fine!
Life is good!
Looks like a nice catch to me. I hate to hear that about your truck. Everything they do these days starts at a thousand bucks. I was down on the beach yesterday and it's warming up nicely. 58 degrees in the surf.
How does the Permit compare to the taste and texture of Pompano?
"Fishing is an excuse to be on the water"
Jack-- at least you have critters to chase during the winter from shore. Up here , most fish head for deeper water during the winter. I cant get out in the deeper water because of the weather

And there are sooooo many good eating prawns , flounder and salmon just out of reach!!.. Enjoy your dinner!!!! :-)
There is always one more bottle of BatJuice to be drunk, one more woman to admire, and one more fish to catch before you die! Smile
JD Permit, IMHO, taste better than pompano. They are not as oily. At least in the size we usually catch. Larger ones are a little tough and stringy. Offshore, on the wrecks, we catch them to 40#, Small ones, this time of year, they are in a power plant outflow, which is deep and warmer (by about 2*) than the water outside on the flats. They mix with pompano and you never know which one you will hook. Lots of trout, snook, jacks and redfish there too, as well as cobia and some flounder. The outflow is a fish (and manatee) magnet. Used to be a lot warmer but they changed the outflow regulations and made them change the cooling system to lower temps. Before that it was an aquarium in the winter. Friends and I were there one evening and had a contest to see how many casts we could make WITHOUT hooking a fish.

Bryan. It was blowing 40 here last weekend with temps in the mid 30's to low 40's F. Fish here also head for deep water, but deep is relative and with the power plant outflow, I don't even have to use the boat. They also head deep in the summer when the water gets too hot. This makes for long runs here (my first stop is about 40 -50 miles to get to 100'

Got the bad news on the truck. Fuel pump failed, causing the solenoid that actuates it to burn up. To get to the pump, have to drop the tank. Mont, you are correct, everything starts at 1K. This one is $1400. Sad
We do fuel pumps on the Dodge fleet fairly regularly, Jack. Complete PITA to get to. Same thing for the heater cores that leak. You have to tear the whole truck apart to get to a fairly simple part.
I recall on my last Tahoe that the d@#n fuel pump was behind the tank. So, one pays $1400 for a $600-$700 job :eek:

p.s. No fish'n today as we're suffering from Rockwall Syndrome - not enough water to float the boat with the stiff NW wind. Blew the water right out.
"Fishing is an excuse to be on the water"

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