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a dead-on cast

That pier pounder did the same thing to the drone that many pier pounders do to touron boats running thru their lines. That's why steel leader is great for props - air or water borne...... Wink
"Fishing is an excuse to be on the water"
It was one hell of a cast, you have to admit.
I also liked the guy who brought out the 12ga and blasted a drone out of the sky when he saw it hovering over his daughter when she was sun bathing in his yard. But he did get charged with discharging a firearm in an urban area... Bet that charge will be dropped.
There is always one more bottle of BatJuice to be drunk, one more woman to admire, and one more fish to catch before you die! Smile

My son is in charge of safety for a large construction company and uses a drone in his job. Need to inspect a 140 foot crane? Just fly a drone up there. One time, his boss asked him to go to Richmond, VA and video an area where they were bidding on a contract for a parking garage. He was in a downtown area with many large buildings. As he was "flying", he lost control and the drone went behind a building. He never did figure out why he lost control. It could have been some other radio signals or perhaps the building absorbed his signal. He was really worried because it could cause an accident, loss of life, whatever. After walking towards where it disappeared from sight, he was able to gain control and went straight up to where he could see it above the buildings and fly it back to him. It's a great tool. However, as with everything, idiots will misuse them.
Time's Fun When You're Having Flies!

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