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Tired of losing big, toothy Atlantic Ocean fish! Suggestions?
We go on the same (6-pack) Charter about once a week out of Palm Beach, FL.- This time of year, there are a lot of BIG Dolphin, Kingfish, Cobia, African (A-Freekin') Pompono, sharks, etc.- We'll break off about a third of our hits. I know we can outsmart those critters, but we've tried the obvious......heavier leader (up to 80# mono), braid, etc.- (The charter Capt'n frowns on using wire do to what it does to fellow anglers lines that use mono)- What do you suggest??
Seahawk from Seattle-Rolleyes Living now in SE FL.-Cool
What do you typically tow at the end of the line? Hard lures, artificials, bait and how are they rigged and clipped to the leader/line? In line sinker? Kinda have to know the rig.

You're probably within loss specs w/o steel leaders on the toothies.
"Fishing is an excuse to be on the water"
Bottom fishing from a drifting boat, Dan, usually with 1.5oz. barrel sinker on the main line above the swivel. I intend to use wire leader in an attempt to figure out what those big fish are. ~~Greg~~
Wire braid leader sounds like the only answer based on Steve's comments Greg. I don't use it on the bottom here but do put 6' of leader on the trolled lines (King insurance mainly).

On the east coast with big Blues around, I'd use a 12" leader on bottom and surf rigs as those devils would play havoc with mono. Look forward to hearing about the identity of the big-ones-that-got-away in your fishing report.
"Fishing is an excuse to be on the water"

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