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Miami boat show
What days are the ones with the least foot traffic? Anyone ever been? I was thinking about hitting it and then driving up and catching the boat with Greg and fly home out of PBI.
Not sure about that one, Monty, but there is one here at least once a year. Give me a heads up on the date you'll want to fish. I'll look into the local boat show. ~~Greg~~
The next one here is March 26-29.

There are better months to fish, but we'll find something. ~~Greg~~
Looking back at my logbook, we did get some decent cobias last March. ~~G~~
The Miami International Show is Feb 12 - 16:

If it's like the Annapolis shows we attended many years, any day but Saturday and Sunday. Thursday is opening (VIP) day and that goes for $35. Monday will probably be the least crowded but then the participants are packing up. But unlike Annapolis, the Miami show has 3 venues: Miami Beach Convention Center, Sea Isle Marina and Miamarina @ Bayside Marketplace.
"Fishing is an excuse to be on the water"
Greg, see if we can fish Feb 15th. Two days in Miami should do me and I can drive up that Saturday, fish Sunday and go home on Monday. The rest of you guys should join us if Greg can secure the boat.
That far in advance I won't have any trouble at all securing the boat. Youse other guys let me know if you'll be joining us. I'll fill the other spots with local buddies, & I'll contact Johnny B. Fishin' to see if he can make it.

What schedule does the boat usually keep on Sundays, Greg? Howard, you should make the drive down and go fishin' with us. You too, Duff.
That far in advance I can probably make it too.
Normal hours of operation are 7:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M. & noon to 4:00. We can charter the whole boat for either a half day or all of it, whichever you guys want Maximum 6 people + crew of 2. Half day $75 per person. We very often leave the dock 15-20 minutes early if everyone's there.


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