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The sweet sound of chain saws
If yesterday's blow had been a hurricane it would have been a category 2. Fortunately we didn't lose any trees. The flag pole bent at the ground so it's back up but 2' shorter. Fished all the dock furniture out of the mud and now it's tree branch pickup time.

Many schools are closed and areas without power so I didn't drive in today. In other news, Ebola. That's all from the Dallas area.

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"Fishing is an excuse to be on the water"
Damn, it let y'all have it up there. Speaking of that, I hope JJ Watt does that to the Cowboys on Sunday. Faith and Zach are both going to see the big game. We got a couple of inches here. The pool guy wasn't impressed at all and said he would be back on Tuesday. Only 50% chance Monday night. My bet they start later. You really should get a price and permit for one for your house Wink
Had a long showing this afternoon. Drove around for awhile and could see why I heard chainsaws this morning. Mucho limbs down. Had to put the canvas covers back in place on the boat at the dry storage lot.

We have developed some marketing literature on the property and state of the lake. Came back at 5 and they didn't leave 'til 5:30. Hopefully we'll get a bite. Like I told Charlie - he needs to finish that place he's working on at Tiki so we don't have to listen to his saws and hammering next door Smile

We've been watching Houston just in case they become our team Wink
"Fishing is an excuse to be on the water"
I would think rainy weather would enhance the perception that the lake is on the rise. It's like keeping a ball rolling vs having to start one rolling.

We have at least 10 new houses going up within "air gun" hearing range. There's over 1000 new homes going up just down Hwy 96 in the 300K-500K range. Seems the new thing is detached garages for toys with attached garages for the daily drivers. I am glad it's not me trying to get things done in this weather. Small craft just went up for the coast in the morning. With the bride gone and wind, I may sleep in a bit tomorrow. It's been a long week.
First pic is normal for this time of year. The rest were a while ago walking out to the water. I should have been in 10' of water:

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"Fishing is an excuse to be on the water"

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