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all it needs is a good a/c guy
Dan, I should have room now in the PM's. I think it's a HSE sport. She put a huge gash in the side wall of the front tire, so I gotta get a new Michelin for it with 11,000 miles today.

It took 3 hours yesterday, but I got C16 fuel for my truck at $16 bux a gallon. Those back tires don't have rubber tits on them anymore Smile I need to get a long water hose to make a proper burn out spot today. It's also gotta go to the shop for plugs and oil. I might get to the oil before they do, but changing those plugs are beyond my desired range of comfort. We charge extra when customers try to fix things first. So do racing mechanics, and boat mechanics.
The insulation is finally done. Gotta run down some lights now. It's nice and cool with the doors closed and the a/c on, but it's dark. That blown on insulation sealed every crack. The only place light comes in is around the two big doors.

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