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all it needs is a good a/c guy
The roll up doors got installed today and I am just about finished framing out the entry door. I was going to work on it this evening, but it's too hot. Besides that, I can slide the barn door back over it and it disappears.

If I can get my hands on the truck I am looking at, I am retiring from racing bikes. That's what's going inside of this when I get done. The cutoff for the October race (entry vehicle declaration) is Aug 10th, so it's gonna be close. The truck I want is a Ford Lightning, with full roll cage and 5 point harnesses. It runs right with my bike, and maybe a little stronger in the half mile. I promised myself I would quit running bikes when it didn't feel right anymore. When I had to let off at Houston to get my left leg on the peg both runs, I knew it was time. That's the leg I came home on crutches over from a trip long ago to the Spoil Islands Project.

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I say, good thinking, my friend.
In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made non Fishermen.
yop..good thinking

So instead of doing our self in on a bike we're going to do seppuku by truck?

Big Grin

The barn is looking good.
"Fishing is an excuse to be on the water"
If I make it down 59S to the race, the dangerous part is over Smile If I really want to live on the wild side, I ride the Gulf Freeway at 4 PM.
Your place is really looking good Mont! Any pictures of the truck?
Life is good!
Rusty, here's a video. I know the owner casually through running with him and he lives close by my house. Local guy at the plants too. . If I can fit inside with the roll bar in place, I am gonna buy it Monday.
Awesome truck Big Grin Big Grin
WOW That is one fast door slammer. Looks good too!
Life is good!
He turned every wrench on it personally except the machine work and transmission build. Those trucks came stock with a supercharger and he installed the turbo charger in its place. The way the turbo comes on at about 60 feet really makes the difference. There's a big change in our vehicle laws in Texas in March that's going to make it just about impossible to get tags for things like this. Bikes have always been exempt from emissions testing, so it's not an issue with them. I don't plan to run it on the street anyways and he won't be able to legally. It's one of those things that will work out for both of us if I can do the deal.
He's got a trailer for it too, which might work out for me instead of throwing down 3 grand for that.

I got my entry door hung, but I need some longer screws that I only had a few of today. There's a bunch of wind storm code about the way exterior doors are done that I want to comply with. My roll down doors are rated to 150 MPH. I gotta run by the hardware store tomorrow and get them and some trim. My concrete guy was supposed to be here today but had a death in the family. I am probably just going to pour the a/c pad myself, but I need to get the doors finished first. It's supposed to rain here again Friday into Saturday.

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