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crazy early morning temps..not nice
winds were up out of the WNW yesterday morning again.. add that to the 37º temps and it was not nice down at the beach at Sunrise.. had to take a few pics 'just because'

went over to the Lake on the drive home and again found this guy checking out where to get his breakfast from the Lake.. guess he's checking me out also..

more here

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It looks like another blast is coming on Thursday. There was ice in the College Station forecast, but they took it back out this morning. I am pulling the RV up there Friday and there's no way I am attempting that with ice in the forecast. Hopefully, it blows through on Thursday.

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Good shot of the eagle Ray.

Amended and topped off BJ's raised gardens this morning hoping for an early, and wet, spring. Guess I can take the rest of the day off Rolleyes

I see cooler weather Mont but not any precip (ice or otherwise) yet. Hope you get a dry day.
"Fishing is an excuse to be on the water"
nice day here today .. 60º sunny.. sun feels good ..a bit 'kewler' this morning at the beach though... this weather is good for today and tomorrow... then the bottom drops out for Wednesday...highs of 37º.. not good.. Friday also suxxx

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like today's/tonite's forecast for Brooklyn and Long Island and the rest of the northeast... uglee stuff

[Image: 9401572_335x188.jpg]
right now in NY and NJ ..I sure don't miss that..ugh !

[Image: wabc_012114_grandcentralparkway.jpg]
Yankees in snow and ice are one thing, and south Texans are a completely different animal. I pushed my trip to College Station back until Saturday morning to let this stuff blow on through. It's going to be barely above freezing here all day tomorrow and back in the 70's by Sunday. That new RV is gonna have to wait until next week to come home from Tyler.
What's that stuff showing on the Houston radar Mont? :eek:
"Fishing is an excuse to be on the water"
Mont Wrote:Yankees in snow and ice are one thing,

maybe if Sarge sees that pic he might say he misses all that NY snow hehehehee Smile
Dan, it's freezing rain. Temps have dropped since sunrise and the rain hasn't moved out yet. We are getting a pretty good coat of it. The front behind this one is the one to watch out for. Calling for 27 here on Tuesday.

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