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Prop Buster Busted
The city of Rockwall finally decided to remove the old TX66 roadbed that occasionally keeps the bottom of my skeg smooth. They were looking at completely dredging the boat basin down enough to permit 2' of water even with the lake down 7'. But Dallas wouldn't permit a vertical walled excavation and the cost was prohibitive for a graded basin.

But getting that concrete out, to the left of the sign post, will help. They were out there this morning busting it up:


Supposed to rain and howl all weekend, high around 40* and about freezing at night. Plants have to come in this afternoon. But the firewood box is full Smile
"Fishing is an excuse to be on the water"
Weatherunderground says y'all might get 3 inches or more up that way, Dan. I hope it's on the "more" side and brings the lake up some. The cold weather should get the big male flounder on their mission to return to sea around here.
It's gonna be the 1st real winter blast Mont. Came home early to get the plants that had to come in, in. Ran the mower over the acre of leaves to mulch them. Stopped by the ramp on the way home and was impressed by what they had done:



The concrete pavement is no longer and they took the roadbed down to lake bottom. Should make that ramp on the left more user friendly (and easier on stainless props).
"Fishing is an excuse to be on the water"
The local prop guys are probably devastated Wink There's a couple of places around here like that which put kids through college. We are absolutely socked in with fog here this morning. One of the biggest school districts is closed today, so the school across the street from the shop is kinda eerie in the mist. From the radar, I would guess we are going to get wet shortly. The front lawn is being seeded with Rye today, so a little rain will surely help that quest.

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