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it's been one great weekend, and it's only half done
I promise I will have some pics soon, but

1. We got a boat limit of snaps, and a nice Amberjack.

2. We answered a mayday from a boat that cracked his hull and the Rule 2000 pump (spare) we had saved his boat. That was one kewl drag race to get to him. 4 sportfishers, one crew boat and our boat all came to him within a few minutes of each other. The dude was smart, he kept broadcasting his position over and over, and that saved him. 50 miles out is a long ways from dry land. The other Bertram that beat us there, took all his passengers off his boat and onto theirs. The USCG was no where to be found.

3. A whale shark that was right at 35' long came to the boat yesterday, so close, we got to touch it. We got some great pics of that.

I am off to the deer lease, and with any luck back on line this evening via the satellite connect I have in the RV.
Here's one of Chris. This is his very first Gulf of Mexico Red Snapper

The 2nd one is him trying to describe the whale shark. The pics from it are on another camera that I can't get to until in the morning (long story Wink)

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Mont - post the pic of the the one you had on TTMB showing the Snapper you hauled in and and your brother gaffed. That was one of the better ones I've seen Smile

Glad you had another fine trip.....

here's some pics of her and the boat we helped. He was pretty low in the water upon arrival

[Image: ws1.jpg]
[Image: ws2.jpg]
[Image: ws3.jpg]
[Image: ws4.jpg]
some more...

[Image: ws5.jpg]
[Image: ws6.jpg]
[Image: ws7.jpg]

[Image: sos1.jpg]
one last one..

[Image: sos2.jpg]
Are Whale Sharks filter type feeders?
George Barron J VA Wrote:Are Whale Sharks filter type feeders?

Yes They eat plankton. Yery cool to jumpin and swim with them or even grab the dorsal and let them take you for a ride.

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