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Awfully Quiet Here...
Just wanted to let you guys know there probably won't be a fishing report this week. Seas will be 5 to 7, & getting worse over the weekend. If the boat goes out, I'll go, but I doubt they will. Not enough customers.

A little sea never kept anyone from fishing Greg:


Then on the other hand frozen fish sticks can be a safer option Big Grin
"Fishing is an excuse to be on the water"
I haven't been on much thanks to my allergies giving me fits, to the point I didn't even turn a wrench on the skiff yesterday. Even though it's been nice outside, I start sneezing at the front door. The wind is back out of the south here, so things will improve. Sorry to hear about the fishin', Greg. 5 to 7 is indeed sporty.
Work life got real busy and doesn't look to be slowing down anytime this month. The good news is I get to hire more help which I've been clammering for.

Not much fishing going on up here right now. It is time to go sit in my favorite hunting cabin's garden and harvest the deer out of it but that probably won't happen until November. I can't wait......
Well I went up to bat breaths area one last time to close the house and take the boat out for wintertime. Short trip just 3 days hoping to fish for two and bust our butts to do all the work in one day. First day up it's blowing 40 and we have four (yes, 4) inches of rain. No fishing. second day it's still raining but the wind is down to 10-15 so we went out to fish for coho
on the inside where we are allowed 4 each a day (3 x 4 = 12) we fished for eight hours and only came up 12 short of our limitSad The house is now closed for the winter, but at least I went fishing Sad Forgot to mention that the highs were mid 40's and the lows were upper 30's almost too cold to fish.
I decided to blow off work this afternoon and make some progress on the metal skiff. It's really coming around.

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A little rough seas never bothered any body. Just ask the guys onboard the Edmond Fitsgerald?. -----------<'{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{><DanSad
it's howling here this morning. I can't decide if I want to go hide in the marsh in the metal boat or just head out in the big boat and leave the front curtains up. One way or the other, I am getting out on the water today.

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with those winds I'd consider either way to wet a line today

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I was to fish a tournament out of New Port Richey today. They didn't even wait till yesterday to cancel/postpone. Got the e-mail on Thursday that it was postponed. Blowing 25 KNOTS here with rain squalls and scattered thunderstorms. Not a fun day on the water. There's whitecaps in the bayou where I keep the boat on davits at a friends home :eek:

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