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What a Guy!!!!!!!
Yesterday morning I went to pickup the good Captain to take him out of Moose Haven for the first time since he started the operations.

Man! you would think we had practiced this. Dan had a light Wheelchair and we placed it next to my Blazer and he swung in to it like he had done it a thousand times. Got the Wheelchair in the back cargo area and then looked at his shopping list. Off we went.

First was a Target where we put the wheel chair in a safe place and got him one of those Electric carts. Ran around the store and found almost all he needed there. Of course we was accosted by 2 Blue Hair Ladies who wanted to know how he escaped. They were 2 Ladies from Moose Haven. That Man is loved.

Next was a big Winn Dixie with a Liquor store. He had a list of booze needed by his mates. Let me tell you, none wanted those small bottles. Next door to the grocery part for the soft drinks etc.

One more stop to find a hard to find plastic butter dish and we were headed back to Moose Haven. Would have had lunch, but it was hot in the SUV and we had gotten some things that needed to be kept cool.

Got back and realized we needed some way to get the stuff to Dan's quarters. We wheeled Dan to his place, where he got his electric wheel chair and motored back to the SUV. I used the mobile wheel chair as a cart and with the help of the Chief of Police for Moose Haven, we got all it all in in the one trip.

He is doing just great and has a last fitting for the leg this coming week and should have it in another week to 10 days after that. Dan told me that when he gets it he will use with a walker until he adjusts to the leg and has the strength in the good leg. After he will use a cane for added balance until he gets it down pat.

Looking forward to many more trips with the Old Salt.Big Grin Big Grin
In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made non Fishermen.
What a wonderful report.......great to hear things are going this good. Won't be long we'll be hearin' a feeshin' report Big Grin
"Fishing is an excuse to be on the water"
Howard-- all of us should have good friends like you!!! So I guess the Chief didnt charge Capt dan with bootlegging????
There is always one more bottle of BatJuice to be drunk, one more woman to admire, and one more fish to catch before you die! Smile
Great to hear the Good Captain is rebounding so well. I will get up there to see you guys. ~~Greg~~
Howard and I did make a sight. I was setting in my wheel chair holding a shopping cart in front of me, Howard was behind my wheel chair pushing me saying turn right, turn left. I don't think we did to much damage.
A good time was had by all. My old ladies gave me a real hardy welcome when I showed with their bottles of booze. We had a " Laua Party last night where we serve punch and beer. Some of these old broads had pocket flasks that they had brought with them...:eek: ``````````Dan
Good for you Dan, Keep teaching that old guy Howard all the bad habits you can. Big Grin Big Grin
Bad habits, he can not teach me. I wrote the book. What he has taught me, is to have spirit and to never, never give up. I have never through this entire ordeal he has been dealing with, ever heard him feel sorry for himself.

I am proud to be his friend.
In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made non Fishermen.
Howard, I second Bryan's feelings. We are all lucky to have both you and Dan as friends. Keep knocking them down Dan!!
great stuff.. Howard and Dan... what a team

Amen Howard, you have proven yourself a very good friend. I still bet that Capt. Dan has a couple of bad habits he can still teach you Big Grin Big Grin Capt Dan, good on you for the spirit and fortitude that you have show all us young (toungue in cheek)fellas on how to face adversity. The best to/for you.,

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