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here we go again... - PK - 08-31-2006

Ernie-baby.. a/k/a Ernesto.. as of yesterday was targeting Charleston as it's next landfall... NOT.. as I knew it would and just had to be it's Myrtle Beach instead... and check out the red target area... right over our back yard on the SC-NC border at Little River Inlet..... hope the new satellite dish holds up...

[Image: 08-16-06_1053-1.jpg]

here we go again... - ~~Snakeman~~ - 08-31-2006

PK: Unless Ernie intensifies greatly while on its way, this one shouldn't be as bad as most. All we got was a lot of rain & a breeze. They sure had a hard time with the track & intensity forecasting on this one. That was probably due to the fact that it never really formed up..which is fine with me. I hunkered down, but as it turned out, it was just a practice run.

here we go again... - Mont - 08-31-2006

PK, is the dish TV or internet? I love my internet dish I got for the RV.

here we go again... - PK - 08-31-2006

Ernie last I checked has been building up while riding the coast just offshore after it left Fla.... at 60mph now butt luckily moving at 17mph.. so fast is good... been raining and raining and.. since early morning .. all these friggin' idiots around here that said we needed the rain.. they can pound salt. da fat bastiges.. when you wish for rain around here.. you always get too much...

here we go again... - PK - 08-31-2006

Mont Wrote:PK, is the dish TV or internet? I love my internet dish I got for the RV.

it's Direct TV.. we just got a Panasonic 50" Plasma about 6 weeks ago.. our rinky dink cable local-yokel company.. that's also the telephone companyy ..that's also the DSL broadband..etc.. can't handle the new tech stuff.. they've had a problem in our area with regular digital TV for a long time.. now that we need a better signal for HD.. guess they just didn't want to pinpoint the problem in the street as we're the only ones of 15 homes that have digital/HD...actually I guess we made them happy that we left and switched to satellite.. now we got a nice picture.. 'sooo pritty'..