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Dan Spisak - Howard/Jax - 03-15-2010

Hey!!!!! They don't call me Bad Penny Brody for nothing.

Dan Spisak - ~~Snakeman~~ - 03-19-2010

I got a call from Captain Dan yesterday. He is in a treatment facility. He has replaced his cell phone, sounded good, and when I asked if I should post up his # on this board, he said "please do". He'd be happy as a redfish on a flat to hear from y'all. 941-423-4046


Dan Spisak - Howard/Jax - 03-19-2010

Thanks Greg. Have added it to my cell.

Dan Spisak - ~~Snakeman~~ - 03-19-2010

Sorry, that was his home number. Nobody there but Christine. His cell is 941-468-4275. ~~Greg~~

Dan Spisak - Howard/Jax - 03-20-2010

Spoke to Dan this AM. He does sound pretty good. Hell of a regimen they have him on. Rehab 2 hours every morning and 4 hours every afternoon. 7 days a week.

Got to give him credit, there is no QUIT in his vocabulary.

Dan Spisak - Bryan/BC - 03-20-2010

Hey Howard-- next time you talk to him give him my best... I think his new nickname is gonna be "Bunny" as in Eveready!!!! Smile

Dan Spisak - Howard/Jax - 03-20-2010

I will do that Bryan. Greg and I both know that he is tickled when we call and just so pleased that all his friends are pulling for him.