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Dan Spisak - Howard/Jax - 02-19-2010

Good news I got a call just now from Christine. Dan is improving. it looks like it was grave for awhile. However, he is being taken off the meds and is improving very slowly, but surely. Christine thinks it will still be 8-9 days until home and therapy. Because speech is a bit hard for him now, he requested no phone calls until a later date. That is why I am not passing on Hospital and room number.

I did tell Christine we would follow his wishes at this time.

We will all keep our fingers crossed.

Dan Spisak - Mont - 02-19-2010

that is good news. Keep on gettin' well, Dan.

Dan Spisak - Joe/GA - 02-19-2010

Gee. I have got to chek in more often. I've just been very busy and I am part of too many forums these days.
I was so worried I was going to see bad news as I scrolled through this post and was so happy to see that Dan is improving.
I'm praying for you captain Dan! Get well soon!

Dan Spisak - JD - 02-19-2010

Great news! Dan needs more fishing time Smile

Dan Spisak - Jack Hexter - 02-23-2010

Great news Howard. Keep us advised

Dan Spisak - Howard/Jax - 02-25-2010

Update today. I spoke to Dan at the Hospital a few minutes ago. He sounds a bit weak but pretty chipper and says he feels good. He thinks he will be coming home Saturday. It is my impression that he will need lots of rehab to get him going again. However, I also get the feeling that he will give it his all and intends to beat all the adversity. If any of you need any numbers or anything, post up here and I will email or PM his number at home.

Great news from a great Guy. He laughed when I told him how many of you had written your prayers and hopes on the board.

Dan Spisak - ~~Snakeman~~ - 02-25-2010

Yeah, he did sound good. He's lost 30 pounds, but he'll get that back. I asked him what death's door looked like, & he told me. My wife thought that was in bad taste. I intend to call him at home on Saturday with a fishing report.


Dan Spisak - ~~Snakeman~~ - 02-27-2010

Dan was not released today. I spoke to Christine..he had a relapse. Kidneys ain't workin' right. His son is with him. Here's hopin' he pulls through this.


Dan Spisak - Jack Hexter - 02-28-2010

Just got an e-mail from Dan HE'S HOME, weak, but home after 6 weeks in the hospital. Welcome home Dan, and wishing you a speedy recovery

Dan Spisak - Mont - 02-28-2010

That's real good news, Jack. Welcome home, Dan.