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uh oh - PK - 08-16-2008 :eek:

uh oh - DanS/FL - 08-16-2008

If it's rain, even lot's of rain we'll take it. Wind, now that's a different story. Wind can stay out in the Gulf.:eek: Dan

uh oh - Joe/GA - 08-17-2008

I ain't gonna say "we need the rain"! No sir! I ain't gonna say it! :eek: Right Ray?!Big Grin

uh oh - PK - 08-17-2008

as you well know...never ever say that... looks like it's gonna hit right over s/w Fla... ugh:eek:

I never wish for it.. only my neighbor.. who I dubbed 'da rainman'.. we got almost 2" of rain one nite last week... he was out watering the next afternoon.. nutz...

uh oh - PK - 08-17-2008

you guys and your stinkin' rain.. you jinxed us up here.. storms all over the place just starting... getting slammed as I write... argggghhhhhhhh....
ba-da boooooom:mad:

[Image: 2xradarc5.gif]

uh oh - JD - 08-17-2008

Ray - we could use a little out here in Texas. Feel free to @#rt into the wind and send the system atwirl thisaway Wink

In all seriousness, prayers for the safety of all in this storm's path.

uh oh - DanS/FL - 08-17-2008

I live on the west coast of FL. About 1/2 way between Sarasota and Ft Myers. North Port to be exact. We are what they call flat landers. We are 5' above sea level, about 4 miles inland. But there are canals that run to about 1/2 mile from the house. I have tried to hire someone to put up my storm shutters but everyone is as old as me or are taking care of their own. I had hernia surgery last week but I guess tomorrow I'll start putting up the ones on the biggest windows.
Another day in paradise.Rolleyes Dan

uh oh - DanS/FL - 08-17-2008

About 5 minutes after I posted the above message a guy called me and asked if I needed any help getting ready for the storm. I met him last Jan at the hospital. He had just retired from the navy as a Navy Seal and salvage diver. He wanted to learn to fly cast and fly fish. I gave him lessons for 4 months and took him fishing in his boat. I told him I didn't want a cent for the lessons and fishing skills. I insisted I owed him.The last 2 months we have been going out every 2 weeks and he has become one hell of a fisherman. He makes 100' cast all the time and I have him using a 5 gallon buchet for a target. He reads the water very well and can spot fish quick.
Well he's coming over tomorrow with his wife, daughter and son-in-law to put up the shutters.
By golly this world is full of nice people.
Alls that ends well Big Grin Dan

uh oh - PK - 08-17-2008

that's great to hear that you have some help with those shutters..

... oh...and enjoy the rainsBig Grin

uh oh - PK - 08-17-2008

Joe/GA Wrote:I ain't gonna say "we need the rain"! No sir! I ain't gonna say it! :eek: Right Ray?!Big Grin

I'll bet you're sitting by a window lovin' all that rain falling right about now... looks like you have a nice storm sitting right on top of you... enjoy...

if I get any more of this liquid crapola up this way I'll be glad to 'send' it along to Ga... Fla and Texas... you guys can have it...Big Grin :p