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RIP Paul Hibbitt - PK - 01-26-2020

a sad day... Paul Hibbitt, a Jersey boy, and an original GG from way back in time passed away this past Thursday.. we were on FB these days .. pretty sure he attended the famous 'flaming BBQ' at the Dockside  .. back in the 90's the 'Mo contingent' also used to meet on the OBx in Buxton in the fall to fish the point.. RIP Paul

pic# 1 Pauleee landed a big Red Drum fishing at the Point in Buxton
pic # 2 Paul in green shirt at the Quarterdeck restaurant in Frisco on the OBx  with Bob/AC .. me ... JD
pic#3 Pauleee on the right in his Mr Fashion bathing suit..  JD on left.. Trey next to Paulee.. Bob/AC back right.. Mo in center behind Bob/AC
pic#4.. Mo.. moi.. Pauleee.. Bob/AC at North Beach Buxton

RE: RIP Paul Hibbitt - JD - 02-09-2020

I don't know how I missed this but I'm sad to hear of Paul's passing. He was a great person to be around. Enjoyed my several fishing trips with him.

Thanks for posting RayK.