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Fishing Report 10/13 - Jack Hexter - 10-14-2019

WEll NMFS gave us a 6 day open season in October for ARS.  3 weekends in a row.  Weather as sketchym, but we decided to make a go of it as buddy's boat hadn't been run in about 3 months.

Weather man lied again as Windfinder predicted 1.5'  which was actually 3-4' and never did calm down to the 1' predicted in the afternoon, it did drop from 15 to 10 mph.  Beanbag made the ride tolerable, but spray collected and when I stood up, I found I was sitting in 1/2" of water.

Bounced our way out to 113', 60 miles out of Anclote.  Made our first stop in 90' and first drop, buddy pulls a nice ARS.  Bite faded to grunts so we went a little further and pulled a keeper Gag and some ARS, but again the bite faded so we went to our original destination and pulled some more ARS, and finally the Mango bite started.  Came home with a limit of ARS, 5 mangos, a keeper gag, keeper red grouper and a bunch of Almaco Jacks that are being brined as I type this.  There was the odd Yellowtail and even a strawberry grouper (released)  First one of these I've caught on this coast.
[Image: ak3p3lj7d1yp.jpg]

RE: Fishing Report 10/13 - JD - 10-15-2019

Nice catch Jack.

RE: Fishing Report 10/13 - SpeckTackler - 10-16-2019

Good catch Jack!  Are you smoking some of them?

RE: Fishing Report 10/13 - Jack Hexter - 10-17-2019

Came home from a snapper trip with a half dozen Almaco Jacks. So, I decided to smoke them. Brined overnight in a dry brine 60/40 - brown sugar/Kosher salt. Let the dry brine pull the water out and make it's own liquid. Lightly washed the fillets and sprinkled lightly with Tony Cachere's Creole Seasoning. Started the charcoal and let the fillets air dry for about an hour while the charcoal was burning down. Put the fillets in the smoker and hit it a couple times with soaked mesquite about 1/2 hour apart. Fish was done in 1 1/2 hours
A lot better than the usual smoked fare of Kingfish or AJ.