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finally, some relief - Mont - 07-24-2019

Almost two months and seven appointments later, and after dorking with the one today nearly all day, I finally found the correct doctor to give me a bit of relief from my neck and arm pain.  Not only that, but this is step one of three and she thinks I can avoid surgery all together.  I hope she's right and I can avoid going under the knife again.  Our health care system has to be the most messed up system I have ever dealt with.  In other good news, the street contractor poured out the first entrance to the five houses in our block today.  I might even get to take my new RV on a ride sometime soon.

RE: finally, some relief - PK - 07-26-2019

glad you got some relief.. hope it continues.. best of luck .. feel better Mont .. getting older is sometimes not fun Smile

RE: finally, some relief - JD - 07-31-2019

Hope it works for you Mont. I can offer a boatload of empathy. Better fishing is just 2 months away!

RE: finally, some relief - Joe/GA - 08-08-2019

I hope the Doc fixes you up, Mont. I know how you feel. I broke the heel of my foot a year ago in July. After a boat load of different apparatuses and shots, I'm finally to the point where I can say the pain is minimal. I'm supposed to start therapy soon. Yep, this getting old stuff can be rough.

RE: finally, some relief - Mont - 08-12-2019

Well, I got entered into the Texas Mile last night again. It's just gonna have to hurt for a couple of days to support my racing fix. Sleep is the biggest issue with me. After about 3 days without any, I get really bad and it goes down hill quick.