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Happy Birthday Duff - Howard/Jax - 06-17-2019

Hope you have a great day.

Thanks again for starting this site, those many years ago. Have developed many a great friendship with Groupers over the years.

Your day, but can't help but think of many that have left us or don't post much any more. Sal Mercurio, Patrick Doré. Dan Spisek, Dan Gavin, the Guy from NH and many more. Always glad to see the old timers that are still here.

Again Duff, Happiest of Birthdays.

RE: Happy Birthday Duff - duff - 06-17-2019

Thanks Howard!

Yes we have lost so many over the years... I believe the guy from NH was Jarry wasn't it?

RE: Happy Birthday Duff - PK - 06-17-2019

Happy Birthday Duff...  hope you're having a great day..  many many more..

(posted also to your timeline earlier)

RE: Happy Birthday Duff - Mont - 06-17-2019

yes sir, Happy Birthday!  

When I headed to the first GG gathering, Stacy told me she would never see me again.  Going to meet a bunch of guys from the internet in another State. AMF  Well, it worked out.

Thanks to Duff for getting us going again too.  May you enjoy many more BD's.

RE: Happy Birthday Duff - Howard/Jax - 06-17-2019

(06-17-2019, 12:57 PM)duff Wrote: Thanks Howard!

Yes we have lost so many over the years... I believe the guy from NH was Jarry wasn't it?

That is the one. I recall he wrote one of the all time enjoyable posts when he came and fished in Florida. Funny the things you recall and save, I still have a Wine opener from Patrick Doré and Sampo swivels he sent me.

RE: Happy Birthday Duff - JD - 06-18-2019

And a belated Happy Birthday Duff!

RE: Happy Birthday Duff - SpeckTackler - 06-19-2019

Happy belated birthday Duff! I hope you had a great day. It is nice to see the green board again

RE: Happy Birthday Duff - Jack Hexter - 06-24-2019

Another belated Happy Birthday Duff. I was in the Keys all last week deep dropping on Pulley Ridge with very little success. Came home with 1 Blueline tile, 1 mutton and 6 red grouper

RE: Happy Birthday Duff - Joe/GA - 07-01-2019

Happy belated birthday, Duff! Hope you had an awesome day.