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This is NOT good - PK - 10-02-2017

Bryan/BC Wrote:Now lemme see-- A hurry-cane every 5-10 years, or a big earthquake every 350 years . Or 90+ weather that keeps Mont busy and lots of sticky people all over the place, OR a bunch of good folks here on the west coast imitating Gene Kelly in "Singing in the Rain" !!!

Not really a hard choice ! Rolleyes

hmmmm.. a tuff choice.. white stuff.. rain... wow I don't want to see either suxxxx... I'll take the HEAT Big Grin

Gene ..

This is NOT good - JD - 10-04-2017

TD 16. Please sputter.

This is NOT good - Mont - 10-05-2017

Stacy is in Albany, NY today and was supposed to be heading home next week almost directly along the predicted path of the storm. She's either going to have to hang out up there a while longer or come back early to miss it. I will be glad when the real cold fronts start hitting this year. Enough of the tropical stuff.

This is NOT good - ~~Snakeman~~ - 10-05-2017

Amen to that, Mont. ~~Greg~~