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This is NOT good - Jack Hexter - 09-04-2017

[Image: photo.php?fbid=10211311881730082&set=a.1...=3&theater]

This is NOT good - JD - 09-04-2017

No, it's not. Been keeping an eye on it for some time now.

There's also a disturbance form over Campeche that birthed Harvey.2.

This is NOT good - Mont - 09-04-2017

The front that's going to save us is going to make it hit Florida. I am thinking my BD trip to the Elbow Cay, Bahamas may be off. They only fly in on Saturdays and it's looking pretty rough if the forecast is right.

This is NOT good - ~~Snakeman~~ - 09-04-2017

Spent today putting panels up over windows that were already rated to 110 mph. If that thing continues to be predicted to head this way, we will head for the mountains of sw NC by Thursday. Not sure what will happen to the Dolphin game. ~~Greg~~

This is NOT good - PK - 09-05-2017

the way it's heading Elbow Cay may not be there

This is NOT good - Mont - 09-05-2017

My trip to Elbow Cay just got cancelled. Flights are only going one way at this point, which is to get the hell out of there. Greg, you should leave early. You can always come back sooner if it misses you.

This is NOT good - ~~Snakeman~~ - 09-05-2017

Heading out tomorrow noon. Gonna drive straight thru, stay, hopefully, until power is restored. ~~Greg~~

This is NOT good - JD - 09-05-2017

Best to you Greg and all others over there. This is a nasty one. Please stay in touch when you get to safe have. Have a safe journey.

This is NOT good - Mont - 09-05-2017

That's good to hear, Greg. This one is looking worse on every update. I saw today they are predicting a 23 foot storm surge.

This is NOT good - JD - 09-06-2017

Here's hoping the path shifts farther east:

[Image: at201711_model.gif]