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sweet sounds in the shop today - Mont - 07-16-2016

I pulled the Lightning out, washed and dried it and put it back up. I had the fairing repainted on my 'busa last year and have been too laid up to reinstall it. It took 4 hours, but it's back on minus 5 fairing bolts on the left side that I can't get to until I put it on my lift. I fired it up for the first time in almost a year and I am pretty sure they heard it in the next county. Sure felt good to have it running again, even though there's no way I am riding it. The smell of racing gas burning was sweet. I hope y'all are having a good weekend. It's been mighty quiet on here of late.

sweet sounds in the shop today - SpeckTackler - 07-17-2016

That is one good looking ride Mont!
I am now watching Route 66 Finals from last weekend. I was out of town yesturday and recorded the race from my direct tv app and watching it this afternoon because it is way to hot outside to do anything right now. We leave in about week and a half (26th) to Bozeman Mt till the end of August. Anything under 90 degrees is welcome.Big Grin
I also hope Doug Kalitta takes it all!!!!

sweet sounds in the shop today - Mont - 07-18-2016

Yea, this heat is unreal. It's great for business, but not so great for doing anything. My shop out back has a/c, so it was nice to be able to hide out.
I am wanting to do a trike conversion on my 'busa, so I can ride a bit again. I missed having a bike at the ROT rally earlier this year and there's a huge rally here in November. is who I want to do it. The 4th, 5th and 6th pics down show the one I want. It's fairly cost effective. The kit is $7k and I figure another 3K in labor. Harley wants 30K for a trike and they don't fit me.

One of these days, I am going to join you retired guys and be able to take summer vacations. That's one thing you can't do in the a/c biz. Colorado is going to be my first road trip. Followed by Florida in the winter.

sweet sounds in the shop today - SpeckTackler - 07-18-2016

Is this the trike you are talking about?

sweet sounds in the shop today - Mont - 07-19-2016

No, it's this one. I want it all black and polished axle. I did some reading yesterday on the Frankenstein kit (that they use) and it seems solid. I like the fact it only adds 100 pounds to the bike. My 'busa is very easy to load and trailer at 475 pounds.

sweet sounds in the shop today - SpeckTackler - 07-20-2016

Nice ride Mont and capable of running low nines is really fast. All the years I have known you I never seen any pictures of you on a Harley.I new I must have been wrong with the picture I was looking at. Big Grin

sweet sounds in the shop today - JD - 07-20-2016

Needs a rod and cooler rack Smile

sweet sounds in the shop today - Mont - 07-20-2016

The guy that originally built my Lightning is coming to pick it up today to do the header install. Since it's a turbo truck, it has custom headers. I am going back with stainless steel this time so we don't have to go through this again. He's putting a new tune into it for the 1 mile runs and some new shocks. That track in Beeville is a hand full and these new shocks allow for a more custom ride down that track. The tune is going to shift into over drive a bit sooner. When I was running bikes on that same track, we found getting into 6th gear as soon as possible was the way to get the fastest top speed. If I get a little tailwind in October, a 170MPH pass is mine. That time of year, fronts blow in and a north wind blows straight down track.

sweet sounds in the shop today - PK - 07-20-2016

JD Wrote:Needs a rod and cooler rack Smile

like this

sweet sounds in the shop today - JD - 07-20-2016

Nicely done Ray. You should patent that Wink