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  Happy Thanksgiving
Posted by: SpeckTackler - 11-23-2006, 09:33 AM - Forum: GreenGrouper - Replies (11)

Wishing everyone a happy and a safe Thanksgiving.The Turkey and ham is in the oven,and the salmon is already smoked and ready.I am looking for a great game from the Cowboys....How about those cowboys.....Life is Good! Cool Rusty

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  Something to think about..
Posted by: Bryan/BC - 11-21-2006, 09:54 PM - Forum: GreenGrouper - Replies (3)

I already have mine.... Big Grin

U.S. to require passports for nearly all By BEVERLEY LUMPKIN, Associated Press Writer
2 hours, 14 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - Nearly all air travelers entering the U.S. will be required to show passports beginning Jan. 23, including returning Americans and people from Canada and other nations in the Western Hemisphere.

The date was disclosed Tuesday by Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff in an interview with The Associated Press. The Homeland Security Department plans to announce the change on Wednesday.

Until now, the department had not set a specific date for instituting the passport requirement for air travelers, though the start had been expected to be around the beginning of the year. Setting the date on Jan. 23 pushes the start past the holiday season.

The requirement marks a change for Americans, Canadians, Bermudans and some Mexicans.

Currently, U.S. citizens returning from other countries in the hemisphere are not required to present passports but must show other proof of citizenship such as driver's licenses or birth certificates.

Visitors from most countries in the hemisphere are required to show passports. However, people from Canada, Bermuda — and those from Mexico who enter the U.S. frequently and have special border-crossing cards — have been allowed to use other forms of identification, including driver's licenses.

"Right now, there are 8,000 different state and local entities in the U.S. issuing birth certificates and driver's licenses," Chertoff said. Having to distinguish phony from real in so many different documents "puts an enormous burden on our Customs and Border inspectors," he said.

In a few cases, other documents still may be used for air entry into the U.S. by some frequent travelers between the U.S. and Canada, members of the American military on official business and some U.S. merchant mariners.

Under a separate program, Homeland Security plans to require all travelers, including Americans, entering the U.S. by land or sea to show a passport or an alternative security identification card starting as early as January 2008.

The Homeland Security Department estimates that about one in four Americans has a passport. Some people have balked at the $97 price tag.

The Sept. 11 Commission said in its report, "For terrorists, travel documents are as important as weapons."

The commission recommended strengthening security of travel documents. A 2004 law passed by Congress mandated the change to require passports as the only acceptable travel document, with few exceptions, but the exact date had been in question.

Canadian officials and some members of Congress from border states have expressed concern that the changes could interfere with travel and commerce.

Chertoff said his agency's data revealed that in September 2006, 90 percent of passengers leaving from Canadian airports had passports. The department estimated that 69 percent of U.S. travelers to Canada, 58 percent of U.S. travelers to Mexico, and 75 percent of U.S. travelers to the Caribbean hold passports.

"Could James Bond and Q come up with a fake passport" that could fool inspectors? Chertoff asked, referring to the fictional British spy and his espionage agency's technical genius. Of course, he replied, "Nothing is completely perfect."

Still, he said that with new technology, it is increasingly difficult to forge passports, and having just one document to scrutinize should make inspection easier for both inspectors and travelers.

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  Hey Snake!
Posted by: Joe/GA - 11-19-2006, 09:33 AM - Forum: GreenGrouper - No Replies

Greg, is your E-mail broke? :confused: I haven't been able to "SPAM" you in days! Big Grin

----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors ----- <reptlvr@mail.bellsouth.net>
(reason: 501 #5.1.1 bad address reptlvr@mail.bellsouth.net)

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  Getting Close
Posted by: ~~Snakeman~~ - 11-17-2006, 08:24 PM - Forum: GreenGrouper - Replies (41)

Here's the list I have for the fishing trip on the last day of the month, Thursday the 30th: Bryan B.C., Monty, Joe Georgia, Howard Jax, Johnny B. Fishin', & Professor Pandion. If any of you will not be making it, or if there are any additions I am unaware of, please let me know. As it stands, this will be a full day trip, from 7 to 3. I will be your mate. I will try not to get in your way.

We should catch a mess of snappers. We will enjoy the heck out of the day.


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  Elk? I didnt want any stinking elk anyway.
Posted by: Bryan/BC - 11-14-2006, 12:29 PM - Forum: GreenGrouper - Replies (3)


Well gave it a good shot but things just didnt come together. The bulls just would not cooperate and I didnt have enough duct tape to make an instant sex change happen on any of the cows I saw by transplanting pointy things on thier heads.

The weather during the hunt, bad luck ( I was SOOOO close a couple of times) and impatiance did me in.. I left the mountains a couple of days early as the weather got really nasty with almost blizzard conditions in the high country. In the valley bottoms, torrential rain made creeping around in the thickets less than enjoyable. Such is life-- had fun, but no elk steaks to bring to Florida at the end of the month...:o

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  Our Military Heroes
Posted by: Joe/GA - 11-08-2006, 08:50 PM - Forum: GreenGrouper - Replies (1)

Turn on your sprekers and click on the link:Big Grin


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  Attn:Zane & Bryan
Posted by: Bill/CA - 11-08-2006, 06:46 PM - Forum: GreenGrouper - Replies (3)

Fool & Bat Breath,

you guys will have a new neighbor from California. His name is Bob Franko. He was the president of our local fishing club http://www.coastsidefishingclub.com
He is endorsed by Sal and myself. Take care of Bob for us. Here's a note from him:

Most of you know I have decided to start a new chapter in my fishing life. My friends tell me they have not seen me this excited about fishing in a long time. I think the word like a little kid was used.

I made the decision that I need new challenges in my fishing life, so the goal was to find the best salmon, rockfish, lingcod, halibut, prawn, and crab fishery on the west coast, or as it turns out maybe the world considering other factors, like accessibility.

The pricing was really not a factor, most places that where in the running where really pretty cheap by California standards. The goal was to buy a summer house across the street with friends and NOT MOVE THERE, but spend a good part of the summer there off and on.

The candidates that I started with was North to South, Homer AK, Gastavus AK, Hoonah AK, Queen Charlottes BC, Prince Rupert BC, Ocean Falls BC, Bella Coola BC, Shearwater BC, Whiskey Cove BC, Namu BC, Port Hardy BC, Zeballos BC, Tahsis BC.

In some cases I had already fished some of these spots so it took less research in those areas, but over the last 3 weeks I have been a man on a mission in each area. I contacted the local merchants like small grocery, and hardware stores, Commercial fisherman, hatcheries, fishing lodges, the local F&G officer for the region. I must say the BC version of our F&G where just a tremendous help, all good guys that invited me to their area to fish with them to see for myself.

My conclusion after all this research was there is a lot of good fishing out there.

During all this there was a region that kept coming up. Some of the commercial fisherman, some F&G folk would say have you looked at this area. So I started to remove names one buy one, and the area that kept popping up started to pull away from the others for my particular needs.

This area no matter who I talked with from mid July through August Kings average between 25lb to 35lbs with lots of the 40lb class fish being caught. There of course is all the other salmon present at different times of the year. It is not an area that produces the 70lb or even many 60lb salmon, but the number of fish is tremendous. It is an area that 13 million fish pass through a year on their way back to Washington, Oregon, and even California.

The Halibut fishery is not a big fish fishery, the fish average between 20 and 60lbs, but its limits most of the time, with the occasional 100lb fish. The largest last year was over 200lbs

The ling cod are a pain in the neck there are so many, with over 30lbs fairly regular with the 40 once and a while.

Keep in mind these are by are standards short runs with plenty of protected waters to fish in the inlets on windy days.

I was on the phone with one of the local fisherman last night. I am already trying to pick the brains of the local knowledge. I asked among other things about the Prawn fishery. He said this year was great, last year was slower. I asked how far from the ramp he puts his gear he said about 10 minutes. I asked on a day soak this year what each trap would have. He said between 200 and 300 prawns. As you can imagine I was a little overwhelmed with that answer. I asked about last year’s slow season he said about 50 per trap.

The last thing I did was as usual go to the membership for help and asked the simple question has any one been there, and as normal a member Al Edwards has been fishing that region for the last six years, and not only confirmed the research, but told me his personal experiences six days last year where on kings along he limited daily, with I think he said fish from 28lbs to over 40lbs. He said one triple all three fish landed between 30 and 35lbs. He also had some incredible stories about trolling with downriggers a hundred ft in 120ft of water, and drifting for halibut in 300ft of water.

I’m sorry for the long winded explanation. The bottom line is we made an offer two days ago in Tahsis British Columbia, and was accepted. Coastside North will be a reality Dec 1, 2006.

Maybe Al can post under this some of his great stories.

Bob Franko

Thanks for your club support. Our fishery is too important not to care.

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  so did everybody go vote today?
Posted by: Mont - 11-07-2006, 03:37 PM - Forum: GreenGrouper - Replies (10)

you guys north of the border don't count (at least I don't think), but what about the rest of y'all? I did my civic duty, but it was a matter of which crook was less crooked, and that's an understatement in Texas.

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  here's a few pics from the Lone Star Rally in Galveston
Posted by: Mont - 11-03-2006, 03:14 PM - Forum: GreenGrouper - Replies (1)

We got there pretty late, and then it got cold, so we didn't stay too long. As soon as Faith gets out of school this afternoon, we are heading back down. These are from yesterday evening.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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  Duff, I changed the way new members are allowed in
Posted by: Mont - 11-02-2006, 03:55 PM - Forum: GreenGrouper - Replies (2)

they go into a moderation que until one of us approves them. The spammers are getting out of hand and I think most of them are robots anyways.

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