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Greg had called me yesterday telling me that he had tried to reach Dan on his cell # and was told not a working number. I gave Greg the home # I had for Dan after trying it and hearing Christine's voice on an answering machine.

I called again today and got Christine. Dan has been in the Hospital for a month now. He went in with Abdominal & Back pain and an Aortic Embolism was found and supposedly operated on successfully. Dan is in a rehab area and according to Christine, not doing real well. He is at this time, unable to take calls or actually is not responsive.

Christine has my home number and promised to call with any news or when hopefully, we may call him at the Hospital or home. BTW the reason for the cell being canceled was that the phone was lost in the many room changes he made in the Hospital and Christine canceled the service.

I know all of our prayers are with him and I am sure Christine will pass that on. I will keep you all up to date as I receive any word. Dan is 89.
Howard, I have never had the pleasure of personally meeting Dan or Christine, but I would appreciate it if you could let Christine know that we are praying for a quick recovery

Sounds like an aortic Aneurism, a ballooning of a portion of the aorta. They remove the bad part and put in a new. Tough operation when you are 89.
But knowing Dan as a tough old bird, I'm sure he will make the recovery back.
Fingers crossed and prayers said.
We'll keep Dan in our prayers also. Like some, I've never met Dan, but he comes with fine references....and yes, 89 is up there for dealing with a problem of this nature.

You guys can imagine how I felt when I called Saturday & got the canceled phone message. I sure hope the good captain makes it through this.

get well soon, Captain Dan.
Stay strong, Capt Dan.

Our prayers are with you.
Get well soon captain Dan The fishing season is right around the corner
Dan, I know it's been rough, but the fish are waiting for you. Get out of there soon
prayers are with you Capt Dan... get the heck outta there

still at access limited at times
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