Full Version: We took my 3 1/2 year old Granddaughter fishing Sunday
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My son needed to run his big boat to water check all the maintenance he has done over the last two months, in preparation for a planned 3 month Bahamas trip, so we took his 3 1/2 year old daughter Lily offshore for her first trip on the ocean.  We don't call this group the crack of noon fishing team for nothing.  Left the dock at 12:30 and out Jupiter inlet to a ledge in 125'  Dropped some jigs, but Lily out-fished Dad and PopPop by catching a Rainbow Runner and a Remora.  She saw a sailfish swimming on the surface as well as some flying fish and even got to drive the boat,  GREAT DAY  The runner made a great Poke appetizer

[Image: sq4mshb0sdfc.jpg][Image: koahtpsapd3z.jpg][Image: mg0w2pqx396c.jpg][Image: 5sx9720m5ciy.jpg][Image: ubfbd3v836j3.jpg]