Full Version: Sure was noisy in Galveston today
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Lone Star Rally

Then of course there's a Miss Lone Star Rally contest Smile
We made it down and back without getting arrested or killed Smile The Galveston Daily News headline this morning was priceless. According to them, the bikers are the reason Galveston buildings are falling down. They even changed it for the on line version, it was so bad. The t-shirts this year rocked and even had a pocket for old guys glasses.
You have GOT to be kidding me!!!!Harley vibes are eating buildings ?? Sure -- RIGHT!!!
I think there are a few in the old district (The Strand), and surrounds, that don't want the event in their backyard. This is just the "global warming" thing du jour in Galveston Wink

But if the Washington DC Memorial Bridge hasn't fallen due to Rolling Thunder every year I think they are safe (unless they're looking for someone to pay for the cracks in their plaster).
The flatties ought to be on the run this weekend, Dan. I am heading to the beach camp Wednesday. You and BJ should try and make the 2Cool Gathering on Saturday. It's a good crowd, reministant of Mo's.
We have other plans for Saturday unfortunately Mont. I'd like to get out to find the Flounder as they are starting to move. What I have found lately is that you really can't plan ahead, just be ready to leave at first light b4 the winds kick up. I like to drift-fish but not at 15-20 Smile

Nobody around the neighborhood has been fishing so I haven't had a reliable 1st hand report.
I like to drift-fish but not at 15-20 Yup-- thats called trolling-- not drifting :-)